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devil US English

(In Christian and Jewish belief) the chief evil spirit; Satan

devil US Thesaurus

a cult that worships the Devil

the Devil in devil US English

(In Christian and Jewish belief) the chief evil spirit; Satan

the devil in devil US English

Fighting spirit; wildness

devil ray US English

A large, long-tailed ray that has a fleshy, hornlike projection on each side of the mouth. It occurs on or near the surface of warm seas and feeds on plankton

go-devil US English

A gadget used in farming, logging, or drilling for oil, in particular

she-devil US English

A malicious or spiteful woman

blue devil US English

A blue capsule containing a barbiturate

devil a —— US English

Not even one or any

devil dance US English

A dance performed as part of Buddhist ritual in Sri Lanka and Tibet, for the invocation, propitiation, or exorcism of spirits

dust devil US English

A small whirlwind or air vortex over land, visible as a column of dust and debris

folk devil US English

A person or thing held to be a bad influence on society

lucky devil US English

Used to express envy at someone else’s good fortune

devil's bit US English

A North American plant of the lily family bearing tightly packed spikes of white flowers

devil's claw US English

A plant whose seedpods bear clawlike hooks that can harm livestock

devil's club US English

A very spiny, straggling shrub of western North America

devil's grip US English

Informal term for Bornholm disease.

printer's devil US English

A person, typically a young boy, serving at or below the level of apprentice in a printing establishment

Tasmanian devil US English

A heavily built marsupial with a large head, powerful jaws, and mainly black fur, found only in Tasmania. It is slow-moving and aggressive, feeding mainly on carrion

like the devil US English

With great speed or energy

devil-may-care US English

Cheerful and reckless

Devil's Island US English

A rocky island off the coast of French Guiana that was used from 1852 as a penal settlement, especially for political prisoners. The last prisoner was released in 1953

Devil's Tower US English

A rock column that is 865 feet (264 m) high in northeastern Wyoming, a national monument on the Belle Fourche River

devil-may-care US Thesaurus

devil-may-care stunt pilots

a devil of a —— US English

Used to emphasize great size or degree

the devil to pay US English

Serious trouble to be dealt with

go to the devil US English

Said in angry rejection or condemnation of someone

devil's advocate US English

A person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments

devil's paintbrush US English

A deep orange European hawkweed, which has become naturalized in North America

raise the devil US English

Make a noisy disturbance

the devil's own —— US English

Used to emphasize the difficulty or seriousness of something

speak of the devil US English

Said when a person appears just after being mentioned

devil's food cake US English

A rich chocolate cake

play the devil with US English

Have a damaging or disruptive effect on

devil's coach-horse US English

A large black predatory rove beetle which raises its hind end and opens its jaws in a threatening manner when disturbed

devil's walking stick US English

See Hercules-club.

give the devil his due US English

Acknowledge the good qualities of even a bad or undeserving person

devil's darning needle US English

Another term for darner222.

(the) devil take the hindmost US English

Everyone should (or does) look after their own interests rather than considering those of others

the devil looks after his own US English

Success or good fortune often seem to come to those who least deserve it

the devil is in the details US English

The details of a matter are its most problematic aspect

lucky devil in lucky US English

Used to express envy at someone else’s good fortune

the world, the flesh, and the devil US English

All forms of temptation to sin

devil a —— in devil US English

Not even one or any

sell one's soul US English

Do or be willing to do anything, no matter how wrong it is, in order to achieve one’s objective

the devil can quote scripture for his purpose US English

People may conceal unworthy motives by reciting words that sound morally authoritative

the devil finds work for idle hands to do US English

Someone who doesn’t have enough work to do is liable to cause or get into trouble

like the devil in devil US English

With great speed or energy

daredevil US English

A reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things

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