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devoted US English

Very loving or loyal

devote something to in devote US English

Give all or a large part of one’s time or resources to (a person, activity, or cause)

devote US English

Invoke or pronounce a curse upon

devoted to in devoted US English

Given over to the display, study, or discussion of

devoted US Thesaurus

a devoted follower of the writer

to be devoted to sb English-Spanish

sentir* devoción, tenerle* mucho cariño

your devoted son, Charles in devoted English-Spanish

tu hijo que te quiere, Charles

acres of print have been devoted to the subject in print English-Spanish

han corrido ríos de tinta sobre el tema

she devoted all her energies to getting him out of prison in energy English-Spanish

se entregó en cuerpo y alma a la tarea de sacarlo de la cárcel

she devoted herself to the cause without stopping to count the cost in cost English-Spanish

se entregó a la causa sin detenerse a pensar en sí misma