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district US English

An area of a country or city, especially one regarded as a distinct unit because of a particular characteristic

district US Thesaurus

the most respected contractor in our district

Lake District US English

A region of lakes and mountains in northwestern England, long associated with English poets, such as Wordsworth, Southey, and Coleridge

Peak District US English

A hilly area in Derbyshire, at the southern end of the Pennines, rising to 636 m (2,088 ft) at Kinder Scout

road district US English

A designated area within which a particular administrative body is responsible for building and maintaining roads.

sub-district US English

A division or subdivision of a district.

district court US English

A state of federal trial court

district nurse US English

(In the UK) a nurse who visits and treats patients in their homes, operating in a specific area or in association with a particular general practice surgery or health centre

postal district US English

A district distinguished from others in the region, typically by a set of initials or numbers, in order to make the sorting and delivery of post more efficient.

rural district US English

A group of country parishes governed by an elected council

school district US English

A geographical unit for the local administration of schools

urban district US English

A group of urban communities governed by an elected council

business district US English

An area of a city or town containing a significant number of business premises.

district attorney US English

A public official who acts as prosecutor for the state or the federal government in court in a particular district

district auditor US English

(In the UK) a civil servant responsible for auditing the accounts of local authorities

district heating US English

The supply of heat or hot water from one source to a district or a group of buildings

district surgeon US English

(In South Africa) a doctor appointed to serve a particular district

Gaslight District US English

(A name for) the restored historic quarter of a town, city, etc.; specifically one characteristic or reminiscent of the (late) 19th cent.; (also occasionally) an area of a town or city built to resemble such a district.

grazing district US English

An area in which the main industry is farming sheep or cattle

pastoral district US English

An area in which the main industry is the breeding of livestock

red-light district US English

An area of a town or city containing many brothels, strip clubs, and other sex businesses

metropolitan district US English

(In England) an administrative unit consisting of a town or city and a borough

senatorial district US English

An electoral division of a state that is represented by a senator in the state’s senate

Columbia, District of US English

See District of Columbia.

District of Columbia US English

A federal district of the US, coextensive with the city of Washington, on the Potomac River with boundaries on the states of Virginia and Maryland

rural district council US English

The local council of a rural district; abbreviated R.D.C.

urban district council US English

The local council of an Urban District; abbreviated U.D.C.

the District in district US English

The District of Columbia; Washington, DC

mezzadria district in mezzadria US English

A system of feudal land tenure whereby a farmer paid a proportion (originally half) of the farm's produce as rent. Also (occasionally) attributive, in mezzadria district, mezzadria system, etc.