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door US English

A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard

door US Thesaurus

many a weary traveler has walked through that door

back door US English

The door or entrance at the back of a building

barn door US English

The large door of a barn

door head US English

The upper part of a door frame

fire door US English

A fire-resistant door to prevent the spread of fire

five-door US English

(Of a vehicle) having four doors to provide access to passenger seating, and a fifth door at the back that opens upwards to provide easy access for loading

four-door US English

(Of a vehicle) having four doors

half-door US English

A door of half the usual size, typically covering the bottom half of an opening (e.g., in a stable)

next door US English

In or to the next house or room

open door US English

Free or unrestricted means of admission or access

pass door US English

A door in a theater connecting the backstage area and the auditorium

side door US English

A door in or at the side of a building

two-door US English

(Of a vehicle) having two doors

wire door US English

A door with a surface of wire mesh which allows for ventilation but keeps out flying insects

door to door US English

From start to finish of a journey

closed-door US English

Restricted; obstructive; secret

door prize US English

A prize awarded by lottery to the holder of a ticket purchased or distributed at a dance, party, or other function

Dutch door US English

A door divided into two parts horizontally, allowing one half to be shut and the other left open

French door US English

A door with glass panes throughout its length

front door US English

The main entrance to a house

patio door US English

A large glass sliding door leading to a patio, garden, or balcony

screen door US English

The outer door of a pair, used for protection against insects, weather, etc.

stage door US English

An actors‘ and workers’ entrance from the street to the area of a theater behind the stage

storm door US English

An additional outer door for protection in bad weather or winter

street door US English

The main door of a house opening on to the street

door knocker US English

A metal or wooden instrument hinged to a door and rapped by visitors to attract attention and gain entry

folding door US English

A door with vertical jointed sections that can be folded together to one side to allow access to a room or building

sliding door US English

A door drawn across an aperture on a groove or suspended from a track, rather than turning on hinges

swinging door US English

A door that can be opened in either direction and is closed by a spring device when released

at the door US English

On admission to an event rather than in advance

door furniture US English

The handles, lock, and other fixtures on a door

Door Peninsula US English

A resort region in northeastern Wisconsin that lies between Green Bay and Lake Michigan

next door to US English

In the next house or room to

revolving door US English

An entrance to a large building in which four partitions turn about a central axis

at death's door US English

(Especially in hyperbolic use) so ill that one might die

open the door to US English

Create an opportunity for

darken someone's door US English

Visit someone’s home

close the door on US English

Exclude the opportunity for

the boy next door US English

A person or type of person perceived as familiar, approachable, and dependable, typically in the context of a romantic partnership

leave the door open US English

Ensure that there is still an opportunity for something

show someone the door US English

Dismiss or eject someone from a place

have a foot in the door US English

Gain or have a first introduction to a profession or organization

beat a path to someone's door US English

(Of a large number of people) hasten to make contact with someone regarded as interesting or inspiring, or in association with whom one stands to profit

lay something at someone's door US English

Regard someone as responsible for something

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