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double US English

Consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things

double US Thesaurus

a double garage

B-double US English

A medium-sized articulated truck consisting of a towing vehicle and two semi-trailers

double up US English

Bend over or curl up, typically because one is overcome with pain or mirth

double U US English

The letter W

double-double US English

A cup of coffee with a double serving of both sugar and cream

body double US English

A stand-in for a movie actor used during stunt or nude scenes

double back US English

Go back in the direction one has come

double down US English

(In blackjack) double a bet after seeing one’s initial cards, with the requirement that one additional card be drawn

double act US English

A performance involving two people

double axe US English

An axe with two blades

double-bank US English

Arrange in two similar or parallel lines; double

double bar US English

A pair of closely spaced bar lines marking the end of a piece or section of music

double bass US English

The largest and lowest-pitched instrument of the violin family, providing the bass line of the orchestral string section and also much used in jazz

double bill US English

A program of entertainment with two main items or personalities

double bind US English

A situation in which a person is confronted with two irreconcilable demands or a choice between two undesirable courses of action

double bond US English

A chemical bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

double-book US English

Reserve (something, especially a seat or a hotel room) for two different customers or parties at the same time

double chin US English

A roll of fatty flesh below a person’s chin

double-cut US English

(Of a file) having two sets of grooves crossing each other diagonally

double date US English

A social outing in which two couples participate

double-dip US English

Denoting or relating to a recession during which a period of economic decline is followed by a brief period of growth, followed by a further period of decline

double dot US English

(In musical composition or transcription) two dots placed side by side after a note to indicate that it is to be lengthened by three quarters of its value

double-dyed US English

(Of an item of clothing) dyed twice in order to give a very deep color

double flat US English

A sign placed before a musical note to indicate that it is to be lowered two semitones

double-hung US English

(Of a window) consisting of two sliding vertical sashes

double-knit US English

(Of fabric) knit of two joined layers for extra thickness

double lock US English

A type of spring lock that may be used as a deadbolt by an extra turn of the key

double-park US English

Park (a vehicle) alongside one that is already parked at the side of the road

double play US English

A defensive play in which two players are put out

double reed US English

A reed with two slightly separated blades, used for playing a wind instrument such as an oboe or bassoon

double room US English

A hotel room or bedroom designed to be used by two people

double salt US English

A crystalline salt having the composition of a mixture of two simple salts but with a different crystal structure from either

double star US English

Two stars physically very close together, as a binary star, or apparently so, as an optical double

double stop US English

The playing of two notes at once on a violin or similar bowed instrument

double take US English

A delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one’s first reaction

double-talk US English

Deliberately unintelligible speech combining nonsense syllables and actual words

double-team US English

(In ball games, especially basketball) block (an opponent) with two players

double time US English

A rate of pay equal to double the standard rate, sometimes paid for working on holidays or outside normal working hours

double top US English

A score of double twenty

double-wide US English

A semipermanent mobile home consisting of two separate units connected on site

daily double US English

A single bet on the winners of two named races in a day

double-acting US English

Denoting a device or product that combines two different functions

double-action US English

another term for double-acting.

double agent US English

An agent who pretends to act as a spy for one country or organization while in fact acting on behalf of an enemy

double-blind US English

Denoting a test or trial, especially of a drug, in which any information that may influence the behavior of the tester or the subject is withheld until after the test

double bluff US English

An action or statement that is intended to appear as a bluff but is in fact genuine

double bogey US English

A score of two strokes over par for a hole

double boiler US English

A saucepan with a detachable upper compartment heated by boiling water in the lower one

double bridle US English

A bridle that has both a curb and a snaffle bit, each with its own set of reins

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