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drama US English

A play for theater, radio, or television

dance drama US English

A drama in which all the action is expressed by dancing

drama queen US English

A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way

video drama US English

Another term for teleplay.

music drama US English

An opera whose structure is governed by considerations of dramatic effectiveness, rather than by the convention of having a series of formal arias

costume drama US English

A television or film production set in a particular historical period, in which the actors wear costumes typical of that period

closet drama US English

A play to be read rather than acted

drama-documentary US English

A television film based on real events

docudrama US English

A dramatized television movie based on real events

psychodrama US English

A form of psychotherapy in which patients act out events from their past

drama US Thesaurus

a television drama

drama English-Spanish

obra, drama masculine

drama Spanish-English

drama, theater, theatre

drama-doc English-Spanish

docudrama masculine

period drama English-Spanish

teatro ambientado en una determinada época histórica

courtroom drama in courtroom English-Spanish

obra cuya acción gira alrededor de un juicio

hijack drama continues in drama English-Spanish

continúan los dramáticos sucesos en torno al secuestro

I enrolled in the drama club in enroll English-Spanish

me hice socia del club de teatro

a moment of high drama/comedy in high English-Spanish

un momento muy dramático/comiquísimo

a movie full of the drama of war in drama English-Spanish

una película con todo el dramatismo de la guerra

his switch from drama to fiction in switch English-Spanish

su paso del teatro a la novela

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