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drama US English

A play for theater, radio, or television

drama US Thesaurus

a television drama

dance drama US English

A drama in which all the action is expressed by dancing

drama queen US English

A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way

music drama US English

An opera whose structure is governed by considerations of dramatic effectiveness, rather than by the convention of having a series of formal arias

video drama US English

Another term for teleplay.

closet drama US English

A play to be read rather than acted

costume drama US English

A television or film production set in a particular historical period, in which the actors wear costumes typical of that period

drama-documentary US English

A television film based on real events

docudrama US English

A dramatized television movie based on real events

psychodrama US English

A form of psychotherapy in which patients act out events from their past

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