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dump US English

A site for depositing garbage

dump US Thesaurus

take the garbage to the dump

dump on US English

Criticize or abuse (someone); treat badly

core dump US English

A dump of the contents of main memory, carried out typically as an aid to debugging

data dump US English

A large amount of data transferred from one system or location to another

dump bin US English

A promotional box in a shop for displaying books or other items

info dump US English

A very large amount of information supplied all at once, especially as background information in a narrative

mine dump US English

A large mound or hill of mining waste at the surface of a mine

dump truck US English

A truck with a body that tilts or opens at the back for unloading

screen dump US English

The process or an instance of causing what is displayed on a screen to be printed out

pump-and-dump US English

Denoting the fraudulent practice of encouraging investors to buy shares in a company in order to inflate the price artificially, and then selling one’s own shares while the price is high