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dynamic US English

(Of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

dynamic US Thesaurus

he was eclipsed by his more dynamic colleagues

dynamic HTML US English

HTML enhanced by other web technologies (such as a scripting language like Javascript) used to enable a web page to support changing content or interactive capabilities in such a way that page changes are displayed automatically by the browser and do not need to be individually requested from the web server; abbreviated DHTML.

dynamic range US English

The range of acceptable or possible volumes of sound occurring in the course of a piece of music or a performance

group dynamic US English

The motivation or ethos underlying the action or behaviour of a group; (later usually) the manner in which the members of a group interact; an instance of this.

crypto-dynamic US English

Mechanics. Designating an enclosed two-speed epicyclic gear originally designed for use on bicycles. Compare crypto. Now historical and rare.

dynamic pricing US English

The practice of pricing items at a level determined by a particular customer’s perceived ability to pay

dynamic viscosity US English

A quantity measuring the force needed to overcome internal friction in a fluid

dynamic equilibrium US English

A state of balance between continuing processes

dynamic metamorphism US English

Metamorphism produced by mechanical forces