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effective US English

Successful in producing a desired or intended result

effective US Thesaurus

an effective treatment

non-effective US English

Not successful in producing a desired or intended result

cost-effective US English

Effective or productive in relation to its cost

effective cause US English

An efficient cause.

effective date US English

The date on which an order, ruling, appointment, etc., takes effect.

effective mass US English

The mass of something as calculated or inferred from its effect in a particular context; (Physics) the mass that needs to be assigned to a particle if the usual equations of motion are to hold in a situation where they do not strictly apply; specifically the mass that an electron appears to have in a crystal lattice, where its motion is affected by electric and magnetic fields.

effective money US English

Money in the form of coin, as opposed to paper money.

effective range US English

The range within which a missile, weapon, or firearm is effective.

effective aperture US English

The diameter of the widest beam of light incident on an optical system that goes to form an image; also in extended use (e.g. in connection with radio waves or particle beams).

effective demand US English

The level of demand that represents a real intention to purchase by people with the means to pay

effective temperature US English

The temperature of an object calculated from the radiation it emits, assuming black-body behavior