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egret US English

A heron with mainly white plumage, having long plumes in the breeding season

great egret US English

A large white heron of North and South America. Its yellow bill turns orange when breeding

snowy egret US English

A North American egret with all-white plumage, black legs, and yellow feet

white egret US English

Any of various egrets or herons (or colour morphs of them) characterized by white plumage.

cattle egret US English

A small white heron with long buff feathers on the head, back, and chest in the breeding season, and normally feeding around grazing cattle and game herds. It is native to southern Eurasia and Africa, and has colonized North and South America and Australasia in the 20th century

egret monkey US English

A kind of monkey, apparently the female of certain macaques.

little egret US English

A small white heron, Egretta garzetta, found throughout the Old World.

reddish egret US English

A heron, Egretta rufescens, occurring in both a dark phase (blue-grey with a reddish-brown head and neck) and a white phase, found in southern North America.

American egret US English

Another term for great egret.