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end US English

A final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story

-end US English

Denoting a person or thing to be treated in a specified way

end US Thesaurus

the end of the road

means–end US English

Of or relating both to the means of achieving a result and to the result itself, considered in relation to each other.

end on US English

With the furthest point of an object facing toward one

no end US English

To a great extent; very much

on end US English

Continuing without stopping for a specified period of time

big end US English

(In an engine) the end of the connecting rod that encircles the crankpin

bin-end US English

One of the last bottles from a bin of wine, usually sold at a reduced price

dog-end US English

A cigarette butt

end-all US English

The thing that is final or definitive

end key US English

(Usually with capital initial) a key on a keyboard which is typically used to move to the bottom of a document being viewed, or to move the cursor to the end of a line of editable text.

end man US English

A man at the end of a row, line, or series

end run US English

An attempt by the ballcarrier to run around the end of the defensive line

end use US English

The application or function for which something is designed or for which it is ultimately used

eye end US English

The end of something nearest an eye; the end containing an eye; specifically the end of a telescope to which the eye is applied.

fag end US English

A cigarette butt

low-end US English

Denoting the cheaper products of a range, especially of audio or computer equipment

out-end US English

The projecting end of a building, a lean-to.

rag end US English

The last part or remnant of something; = fag-end.

tag end US English

The last remaining part of something

top-end US English

(Of a product) at the top of a range; high quality or sophisticated

back end US English

The end of something that is farthest from the front or the working end

best end US English

The rib end of a neck of lamb or other meat

crown end US English

The end of a root or tuber that forms a crown.

dead end US English

An end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible; a cul-de-sac

East End US English

The part of London, England, north of the Thames and east of the City, including the Docklands

end-blown US English

(Of an egg) hollowed out by blowing through one of a pair of small holes made at each end (now rare).

end grain US English

The grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings

end line US English

The line that marks the back of the end zone

end organ US English

A specialized, encapsulated ending of a peripheral sensory nerve, which acts as a receptor for a stimulus

end plate US English

A flattened piece at or forming the end of something such as a motor or generator

end-stage US English

Denoting, relating to, or occurring in the final phase of a terminal illness

end times US English

(In some religious beliefs) the period leading up to Judgment Day

end user US English

The person who actually uses a particular product

end zone US English

The rectangular area at each end of the field into which the ball must be carried or passed and caught to score a touchdown

fore-end US English

The front part of something, especially a ship

front end US English

The front of a car or other vehicle

high-end US English

Denoting the most expensive of a range of products

Land's End US English

A rocky promontory in southwestern Cornwall that is England’s westernmost point

last end US English

The very end of something, especially a person's life.

later end US English

= latter end.

life's end US English

The end of one's life, one's death.

loose end US English

A detail not yet settled or explained

neck end US English

A cut of meat taken from the end of the neck nearest the head (opposed to best-end); the lean or scrag-end.

north end US English

The northern end of something; specifically the north side of the altar in a church.

nose-end US English

The tip of a person's nose. Later also in extended use.

other end US English

The destination of a telephone call; location of the person with whom another person is communicating by telephone.

pine-end US English

A gable or gable end.

rail end US English

The end of a rail.

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