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engage US English

Occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention)

engagé US English

(Of a writer, artist, or their works) morally committed to a particular aim or cause

engage in in engage US English

Participate or become involved in

engage with in engage US English

Establish a meaningful contact or connection with

engage someone in in engage US English

Cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion)

engage US Thesaurus

tasks that engage children's interest

engage English-Spanish

captar, atraer*

engagé English-Spanish


to engage the clutch in engage English-Spanish

embragar*, apretar* el embrague

to engage in politics in engage English-Spanish

dedicarse* a la política

to engage reverse (gear) in reverse English-Spanish

meter (la) marcha atrás, meter reversa

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