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entente US English

A friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions

Triple Entente US English

An early-20th-century alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia. Originally a series of loose agreements, the Triple Entente began to assume the nature of a more formal alliance as the prospect of war with the Central Powers became more likely, and formed the basis of the Allied powers in World War I

the Entente Cordiale in entente US English

The understanding between Britain and France reached in 1904, forming the basis of Anglo-French cooperation in World War I

entente US Thesaurus

they didn't want to jeopardize the entente with the Netherlands

entente English-Spanish

entente f

entente Spanish-English

entente, agreement

entente cordial Spanish-English

entente cordiale

entente cordial Spanish-English

entente cordiale

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