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entrance1 US English

An opening, such as a door, passage, or gate, that allows access to a place

entrance2 US English

Fill (someone) with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention

entrance1 US Thesaurus

the main entrance

entrance2 US Thesaurus

I was entranced by her beauty

entrance hall US English

The room or space immediately inside the main door of a large or grand building

entrance fee US Thesaurus

the club charges an entrance fee

Common Entrance US English

An examination taken, usually at 13, by pupils wishing to enter public schools

make an entrance US English

(Of an actor or performer) come on stage

entranceway US English

A way into a place or thing, especially a doorway or corridor at the entrance to a building

make an or one's entrance in entrance1 US English

(Of an actor or performer) come on stage