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examination US English

A detailed inspection or investigation

examination US Thesaurus

artifacts spread out for examination

pre-examination US English

The action of examining beforehand; an instance of this, a previous or prior examination.

re-examination US English

The action of examining something again or further

cross-examination US English

The formal interrogation of a witness called by the other party in a court of law to challenge or extend testimony already given

direct examination US English

The questioning of a witness by the party that has called that witness to give evidence, in order to support the case that is being made

examination paper US English

A set of printed questions used as a test of proficiency or knowledge

exit examination US English

A test which a student is required to pass in order to complete a course of study

pass examination US English

An examination for a pass degree.

self-examination US English

The study of one’s own behavior and motivations

honours examination US English

An examination for academic honours or an honours degree; specifically (at the University of Oxford) one in an honour school.

medical examination US English

An examination to determine someone’s physical health

perimeter examination US English

An examination of the extent and characteristics of a person's field of vision.

plating examination US English

A legally-required inspection of a goods vehicle to establish weight, roadworthiness, etc.

Previous Examination US English

The first examination for the degree of B.A.

examination-in-chief US English

Another term for direct examination.

matriculation examination US English

The final examination taken by students leaving school

middle-class examination US English

= local examination.

professional examination US English

An examination taken in order to qualify for a particular profession.

examination for discovery US English

A meeting in which the evidence to be presented at a civil trial is disclosed before the trial takes place

comprehensive examination in comprehensive US English

An examination testing a student’s command of a special field of knowledge

physical US English

Of or relating to the body as opposed to the mind

postmortem US English

An examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death