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examination US English

A detailed inspection or investigation

self-examination US English

The study of one’s own behavior and motivations

direct examination US English

The questioning of a witness by the party that has called that witness to give evidence, in order to support the case that is being made

examination paper US English

A set of printed questions used as a test of proficiency or knowledge

medical examination US English

An examination to determine someone’s physical health

examination-in-chief US English

Another term for direct examination.

comprehensive examination in comprehensive US English

An examination testing a student’s command of a special field of knowledge

physical US English

Of or relating to the body as opposed to the mind

postmortem US English

An examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death

examination US Thesaurus

artifacts spread out for examination

examination English-Spanish

examen masculine

re-examination English-Spanish

segundo examen

examination paper English-Spanish

hoja, examen masculine

cross-examination English-Spanish

repreguntas, contrainterrogación feminineChile

self-examination English-Spanish

autoexamen masculine

examination board in examination English-Spanish

tribunal masculine, comisión

entrance examination in entrance English-Spanish

examen masculine de ingreso

physical examination in physical English-Spanish

reconocimiento masculine médico, chequeo masculine (médico)

competitive examination in competitive English-Spanish

concurso, oposición feminineSpain/España

on closer examination we discovered this mark in examination English-Spanish

al examinarlo más de cerca descubrimos esta marca

the argument doesn't stand up to close examination in stand English-Spanish

el argumento no resiste un análisis minucioso

the argument doesn't stand up to close examination in stand up English-Spanish

el argumento no resiste un análisis minucioso

she entered herself/three students for the examination in enter English-Spanish

se presentó/presentó a tres estudiantes al examen

it may happen that you'll get a question like that in the examination in happen English-Spanish

puede ser que en el examen te toque una pregunta como esa

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