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eye US English

Each of a pair of globular organs in the head through which people and vertebrate animals see, the visible part typically appearing almond-shaped in animals with eyelids

not bat an eyelid US English

Show (or showing) no reaction

eye US Thesaurus

he rubbed his eyes

hand–eye US English

Designating coordination between visual perception and hand movements, especially in catching or hitting a ball or performing similar tasks.

my eye US English

Used especially in spoken English to indicate surprise or disbelief

arc eye US English

A painful eye condition caused by damage to the cornea from ultraviolet radiation during arc welding

bad eye US English

To look upon with a bad eye and variants: to take a dim view of; to look askance at or disapprove of.

day eye US English

= day-hole.

dry eye US English

Inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye, due to inadequate tear secretion

eye-box US English

A box that provides a means of viewing or observing in a particular way.

eye cap US English

Any of various types of part attached to the end of the eyepiece of an optical instrument; specifically (a) a tubular attachment which alters the image that the viewer sees, or which makes viewing more comfortable; (b) a protective cap for the eye lens.

eye dog US English

A dog that can control sheep using its gaze

eye-dot US English

A small eyespot.

eye end US English

The end of something nearest an eye; the end containing an eye; specifically the end of a telescope to which the eye is applied.

eye-fly US English

= eye gnat.

eye gel US English

A cosmetic gel designed to improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes.

eye-pit US English

The pit or socket of the eye. Also (occasionally): the furrow between the upper eyelid and the brow ridge.

eye-rim US English

A rim fitted around a monocle lens or spectacle lens; compare eye frame.

eye-wig US English

= eye-clip.

mud-eye US English

The larva of a dragonfly, used by anglers as bait

pad eye US English

A flat metal plate with a projecting loop or ring, made all in one piece

pig-eye US English

A small, deep-set eye like that of a pig.

pit-eye US English

The bottom of a mine shaft.

pop-eye US English

A protruding, bulging, or prominent eye.

pot-eye US English

On a spinning or bleaching frame: a ring or cup through which thread or cloth is guided.

red-eye US English

The undesirable effect in flash photography of people appearing to have red eyes, caused by a reflection from the retina when the flashgun is too near the camera lens

rib eye US English

A cut of beef from the outer side of the ribs

adze-eye US English

A deep socket in the blade of a tool (especially a hammer) into which the wooden handle is fitted; (originally and frequently attributive) of or designating a tool having such a fitting, especially in adze-eye hammer.

agate eye US English

(Usually in plural) an eye resembling an agate, especially in being dark, intense, or hard.

bindi-eye US English

A small perennial Australian plant of the daisy family that has a burlike fruit

black eye US English

A bruised and discolored area around the eye resulting from a blow

blood eye US English

A bloodshot eye.

cat's-eye US English

A semiprecious stone, especially chalcedony or chrysoberyl, with a chatoyant luster

eagle eye US English

A keen or close watch

eye-apple US English

A favourite or cherished person; = the apple of a person's eye.

eye bank US English

A place where human corneas are stored for use in transplantation.

eye-beam US English

A glance of the eye, imagined as a beam of light.

eye-bite US English

To bewitch with the eye; especially to bring a malign influence to bear upon (a person) by means of one's gaze, to place the ‘evil eye’ upon.

eye-biter US English

A person (especially a woman) considered to possess the ‘evil eye’.

eye-blink US English

A blink of the eye; (hence) a very short period of time, an instant; frequently in in an eye-blink.

eye blue US English

A shade of blue which is the colour of blue eyes.

eye-brine US English

Tears, especially of sorrow.

eye candy US English

Visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding

eye case US English

Entomology the cuticle that covers the eye of an adult insect or the developing eye of a pupa.

eye-cast US English

An act or manner of casting the eye; a glance, a look.

eye chart US English

A chart used in measuring the sharpness of a person’s vision, typically consisting of a number of rows of letters of decreasing size

eye-clip US English

To clip the wool away from around the eyes of (a sheep).

eye copy US English

A copy made by eye, without mechanical or other aid.

eye-draft US English

A drawing or plan made by eye, rather than using actual measurements.

eye drop US English

(In plural) a soothing or medicinal solution applied to the eye in drops.

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