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failure US English

Lack of success

heart failure US English

Severe failure of the heart to function properly, especially as a cause of death

reciprocity failure US English

Failure of an emulsion to follow the principle that the degree of darkening is constant for a given product of light intensity and exposure time, typically at very low or very high light intensities

congestive heart failure US English

A weakness of the heart that leads to a buildup of fluid in the lungs and surrounding body tissues

failure US Thesaurus

the failure of the assassination attempt

failure English-Spanish

fracaso m

heart failure English-Spanish

fallo m cardíaco

cardiac failure English-Spanish

fallo m cardíaco

power failure in failure English-Spanish

apagón m, corte m de luz, corte

renal failure in renal English-Spanish

insuficiencia f renal

it was a complete disaster/failure in complete English-Spanish

fue un desastre/fracaso total, fue un absoluto desastre/fracaso

I feel such a failure in failure English-Spanish

me siento fracasado, soy un fracaso

her failure to understand … in failure English-Spanish

el (hecho de) que no entendiera/entienda …

she termed it a total failure in term English-Spanish

lo calificó de fracaso total

'failure' is a dirty word here in dirty word English-Spanish

aquí 'fracaso' es una palabra tabú

her attempts resulted in dismal failure in dismal English-Spanish

sus intentos fracasaron estrepitosamente

the plan is doomed to end in failure in failure English-Spanish

el plan está condenado al fracaso

the progressive failure of her faculties in failure English-Spanish

el deterioro progresivo de sus facultades

they view this failure as a mere hiccup in hiccup English-Spanish

consideran que este fracaso es solo un pequeño contratiempo

this failure is another nail in his coffin in nail English-Spanish

este fracaso es otro paso camino a su derrota

the program was voted a complete failure in vote English-Spanish

el programa fue considerado un fracaso rotundo

the project was written off as a failure in write English-Spanish

se estimó que el proyecto había sido un fracaso

the project was written off as a failure in write off English-Spanish

se estimó que el proyecto había sido un fracaso

the failure rate in this exam is too high in rate English-Spanish

hay un porcentaje demasiado alto de reprobados

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