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family US English

A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household

family US Thesaurus

I met his family

family hour US English

A period in the evening during which many children and their families watch television, especially 8 to 9 p.m.

family man US English

A man who lives with his wife and children, especially one who enjoys home life

family name US English

A surname

family room US English

A living room used by all family members for recreation and relaxation

family tree US English

A diagram showing the relationships between people in several generations of a family; a genealogical tree

family unit US English

The members of a family, especially parents and children, considered as a single entity within society

Holy Family US English

Jesus as a child with Mary and Joseph (and often also others such as John the Baptist or St. Anne), especially as a subject for a painting

pro-family US English

Promoting family life and traditional moral values

family tree US Thesaurus

the Internet has helped me trace my family tree

birth family US English

One’s biological parents and siblings, as opposed to adoptive relatives

family Bible US English

A Bible designed to be used at family prayers, typically one with space on its flyleaves for recording important family events

family circle US English

The members of a particular family, regarded as a group

family court US English

A court of law that handles cases involving domestic issues such as divorce, child custody, etc.

family credit US English

(Formerly in the UK) a regular payment by the state to a family with an income below a certain level

family doctor US English

A medical doctor who is trained to provide primary health care to patients of either sex and any age

family jewels US English

Valuable items of jewelry belonging to a particular family and handed down from one generation to the next

family leave US English

An excused absence from work for the purpose of dealing with family matters, especially the birth or adoption of a child or to care for a sick parent or spouse

family-owned US English

(Of a business) owned or run by members of a single family

family-sized US English

Large enough to suit or satisfy a whole family

family style US English

Designating a style of preparation or serving of food in which diners help themselves from plates of food that have been put on the table

family values US English

Values held to be traditionally learned or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline

first family US English

A family considered to rank first in social prestige or pedigree in a particular place

foster family US English

A family that provides custody or guardianship for children whose parents are dead or unable to look after them

intact family US English

A nuclear family in which membership has remained constant, in the absence of divorce or other divisive factors

blended family US English

A family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships

extended family US English

A family that extends beyond the nuclear family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives, who all live nearby or in one household

family business US English

A business that is owned or run by members of a single family

family butcher US English

An independent butcher selling meat to local customers

Family Division US English

(In the UK) the division of the High Court dealing with adoption, divorce, and other family matters

family-friendly US English

Suitable for or aimed at families with children

family medicine US English

The branch of medicine designed to provide basic health care to all the members of a family

family planning US English

The practice of controlling the number of children in a family and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of artificial contraception or voluntary sterilization

family practice US English

The work of a doctor who provides primary health care to members of the local community

family viewing US English

The watching of films or television programmes by adults and children together

nuclear family US English

A couple and their dependent children, regarded as a basic social unit

start a family US English

Conceive one’s first child

family entertainment US English

Entertainment that is suitable for children as well as adults

family planning clinic US English

A clinic that provides advice and treatment relating to contraception and sexual health

natural family planning US English

Another term for rhythm method.

sell the family jewels US English

Part with or sell valuable or precious resources for the sake of immediate profit or advantage

one-parent US English

Denoting or relating to a family consisting of one person bringing up a child or children without a partner

family firm in family business US English

A business that is owned or run by members of a single family

family-size in family-sized US English

Large enough to suit or satisfy a whole family

multifamily US English

Denoting or relating to accommodation designed for occupation by more than one family

stepfamily US English

A family that is formed on the remarriage of a divorced or widowed person and that includes one or more children

black sheep US English

A member of a family or group who is regarded as a disgrace to them

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