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fare US English

The money a passenger on public transportation has to pay

fare stage US English

A section of a bus or tram route for which a fixed price is charged

Lenten fare US English

Food appropriate to Lent, especially that without meat

fare-thee-well US English

To perfection; thoroughly

fare-you-well in fare-thee-well US English

To perfection; thoroughly

fare US Thesaurus

we paid the fare

fare English-Spanish


half-fare English-Spanish

medio pasaje, billete, boleto masculine

excess fare English-Spanish

suplemento masculinepagado en el transporte público

fare stage English-Spanish

parada de autobús de cambio de zona

bill of fare English-Spanish

carta feminine, menú masculine

fare-paying passenger English-Spanish

pasajero, -ra masculine, feminine con boleto or Spain/España billete

fare dodger in dodger English-Spanish

persona que intenta viajar sin pagar en un medio de transporte público

fare thee well in fare English-Spanish

ve con Dios, que te vaya bien

what's the taxi fare? in fare English-Spanish

¿cuánto sale ir en taxi?

you travel half fare in fare English-Spanish

tú pagas medio pasaje (

she'd lost her bus fare in fare English-Spanish

había perdido el dinero para el autobús

please tender exact fare in tender English-Spanish

se ruega entregar el importe exacto

the restaurant serves traditional fare in fare English-Spanish

el restaurante tiene una carta tradicional

how did she fare in her exams? in fare English-Spanish

¿cómo le fue en los exámenes?

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