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fed. US English


fed US English

Past and past participle of feed.

Fed US English

A federal agent or official, especially a member of the FBI

the Fed in Fed US English

short for Federal Reserve.

fed in feed US English

Give food to

fed up US English

Annoyed or upset at a situation or treatment

fed up US Thesaurus

I'm fed up with the game playing in politics

corn-fed US English

Fed on corn

well fed US English

Having good meals regularly

drip feed US English

Introduce (fluid) drop by drop

overfeed US English

Give too much food to

force-feed US English

Force (a person or animal) to eat

spoon-feed US English

Feed (someone) by using a spoon

stall-feed US English

Feed and keep (an animal) in a stall, especially in order to fatten it

underfed US English

Insufficiently fed or nourished

underfeed US English

Not give enough food to

bottle-feed US English

Feed (a baby) with milk from a bottle instead of from the mother’s breast

breastfeed US English

(Of a woman) feed (a baby) with milk from the breast