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fellow US English

A man or boy

fellow US Thesaurus

he's a decent sort of fellow

fellow New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

senior member of a college

fellow man US English

Other people in general

Odd Fellow US English

A member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a fraternal and benevolent society

old fellow US English

A man’s penis

fellow being US English

Another human being or living creature

fellow worker US English

A person with whom one works

fellow citizen US English

A person from one’s own city or country

fellow creature US English

Another animal or person

fellow feeling US English

Sympathy and fellowship existing between people based on shared experiences or feelings

fellow traveler US English

A person who travels with another

teaching fellow US English

A postgraduate student who carries out teaching or laboratory duties in return for accommodations, tuition, or expenses

fellow countryman US English

A person from one’s own country

fellow countrywoman US English

A woman from one’s own country

fellow human being US English

Another person, considered as sharing the condition of being a member of the human race

hail-fellow-well-met US English

Showing excessive familiarity

bedfellow US English

A person who shares a bed with another

one's fellow man/men in fellow man US English

Other people in general

playfellow US English

A playmate

schoolfellow US English

More formal term for schoolmate.

research fellow in fellow US English

A student or graduate receiving a fellowship for a period of research

fellow feeling in fellow US Thesaurus

the fellow feeling he had for his jilted brother came from recent experience