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firing US English

The action of setting fire to something

fire US English

Discharge a gun or other weapon in order to explosively propel (a bullet or projectile)

firing line US English

The line of positions from which gunfire is directed at targets

firing pin US English

A movable pin in a firearm that strikes the primer of a cartridge to set off the charge

gas firing US English

Heating of a furnace, boiler, oven, etc., by means of the combustion of gas.

oil firing US English

The use of oil-fired heating.

firing blanks US English

(Of a man) infertile

class firing US English

Trial shooting used to assign rifle shooters (originally military riflemen) to a class according to level of skill.

firing party US English

A group of soldiers detailed to fire the salute at a military funeral

firing squad US English

A group of soldiers detailed to shoot a condemned person

group firing US English

Simultaneous firing at a target by a group of people.

retro-firing US English

The action or process of firing the retro-rockets of a spacecraft; an instance of this.

ripple-firing US English

The discharge of missiles, etc., by ripple fire.

street firing US English

Discharge of musketry in order to defend or clear a street; an instance of this.

biscuit firing US English

The first firing of pottery, which permanently hardens the clay

circular firing squad US English

Used in reference to a situation in which a group of people are engaged in self-destructive internal conflicts and mutual recriminations

fire on all cylinders US English

Work or function at a peak level of performance

firing blanks in blank US English

(Of a man) infertile

fire up in fire US English

Show sudden anger

over-fire US English

To fire (ceramics) or heat (metal) at too high a temperature, or for too long a period.

retro-fire2 US English

To fire backwards; especially to fire (a rocket engine) in a direction which provides a spacecraft with reverse thrust and so slows any forward motion; to give (a spacecraft, missile, etc.) reverse thrust by firing a retro-rocket.

ripple-fire US English

To discharge (a missile, etc.) by ripple fire.

fire something off in fire US English

Send a message aggressively, especially as one of a series

fire something up in fire US English

Start (an engine or other device)

fire on all cylinders in fire US English

Work or function at a peak level of performance

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