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fleet1 US English

The largest group of naval vessels under one commander, organized for specific tactical or other purposes

fleet2 US English

Fast and nimble in movement

fleet3 US English

A marshland creek, channel, or ditch

fleet4 US English

Move or pass quickly

fleet5 US English

(Of water) shallow

fleet1 US Thesaurus

the fleet set sail

fleet2 US Thesaurus

as fleet as a greyhound

the fleet in fleet1 US English

A country’s navy

Grand Fleet US English

The main British naval fleet, either that based at Spithead in the 18th century or that based at Scapa Flow in World War I

Fleet Admiral US English

An admiral of the highest rank in the US Navy (awarded only in wartime)

fleet-footed US English

Nimble and fast on one’s feet

Fleet Street US English

A street in central London in which the offices of national newspapers were located until the mid-1980s (often used to refer to the British press)

Fleet Air Arm US English

The aviation service of the Royal Navy

Admiral of the Fleet US English

The highest rank of admiral in the Royal Navy