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fly1 US English

(Of a bird or other winged creature) move through the air under control

fly2 US English

A flying insect of a large order characterized by a single pair of transparent wings and sucking (and often also piercing) mouthparts. Flies are noted as vectors of disease

fly3 US English

Stylish and fashionable

fly US Thesaurus

a bird flew overhead

flies in fly1 US English

An opening at the crotch of a pair of pants, closed with a zipper or buttons and typically covered with a flap

flys in fly1 US English

A one-horse hackney carriage

fly at US English

Attack (someone) verbally or physically

fly-in US English

A meeting for pilots who arrive by air

no-fly US English

Designating a list, person, or category of people prevented from flying for security reasons

bat fly US English

A bloodsucking fly of spider-like appearance, parasitic on bats and bearing live young

bee fly US English

A squat, hairy, beelike fly that hovers to feed from flowers using its long tongue. Its larvae usually parasitize other insects, especially bees and wasps

dry fly US English

An artificial fishing fly that is made to float lightly on the water

fly ash US English

Ash produced in small dark flecks, typically from a furnace, and carried into the air

fly rod US English

A lightweight flexible rod used in fly fishing

fly-tip US English

Dump waste illegally

let fly US English

Attack, either physically or verbally

wet fly US English

An artificial fishing fly designed to sink below the surface of the water

black fly US English

A small black fly, the female of which sucks blood and can transmit a number of serious human and animal diseases. Large swarms sometimes cause distress to livestock and humans

bulb fly US English

A hoverfly that resembles a bumblebee, with larvae that are pests of daffodil bulbs

crane fly US English

A slender, two-winged fly with very long legs. The larva of some kinds is the leatherjacket

drone fly US English

A hoverfly that resembles a honeybee. Its larva is the rat-tailed maggot

dung fly US English

A hairy fly that lays its eggs in fresh dung

fairy fly US English

A minute parasitic wasp that lays its eggs in the eggs of other insects

flesh fly US English

A fly that breeds in carrion, typically producing live young that are deposited on a carcass

fly high US English

Be very successful; prosper

fly ball US English

A ball batted high into the air

fly-drive US English

Denoting a package vacation that includes a flight and car rental at the destination

fly-kick US English

A kick, especially in rugby, made while the ball is still in the air

fly-past US English

A ceremonial flight of aircraft past a person or a place

fly-post US English

Put up (advertising posters) in unauthorized places

Fly River US English

A river in Papua New Guinea—the country’s longest—that flows for 750 miles (1,200 km) from the border with Indonesia into the Gulf of Papua

fly spray US English

A substance sprayed from an aerosol that kills flying insects

fly-tying US English

The making of the artificial flies used in fly-fishing

frit fly US English

A very small black fly whose larvae are a serious pest of cereal crops and golf-course turf

fruit fly US English

A small fly that feeds on fruit in both its adult and larval stages

louse fly US English

A flattened bloodsucking fly that may have reduced or absent wings and typically spends much of its life on one individual of the host species

March fly US English

A bloodsucking fly of the family Tabanidae, which feeds on mammals, especially horses

onion fly US English

A small fly whose larvae are a pest of onions

root fly US English

A dark slender fly whose larvae may cause serious damage to the roots of crops

snake fly US English

A slender woodland insect with transparent wings and a long “neck” that allows the head to be raised above the body

snipe fly US English

A slender, long-legged predatory fly

carrot fly US English

A small fly whose larvae are a widespread pest of carrots, burrowing into the roots

cheese fly US English

Another term for cheese-skipper.

cluster fly US English

A fly that often enters buildings in large numbers during the autumn while looking for a place to overwinter

fishing fly US English

A natural or artificial flying insect used as bait in fishing

fly agaric US English

A poisonous toadstool that has a red cap with fluffy white spots, growing particularly among birch trees. It contains hallucinogenic alkaloids and has long been used by the indigenous peoples of northeastern Siberia

fly-casting US English

Another term for fly fishing.

fly fishing US English

The sport of fishing using a rod and an artificial fly as bait

fly gallery US English

A raised platform at the side of a stage that contains ropes and equipment for moving props and scenery. Also called fly floor

fly orchid US English

A European woodland orchid with flowers that resemble flies

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