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flying US English

Moving or able to move through the air with wings

flying in fly1 US English

(Of a bird or other winged creature) move through the air under control

flying US Thesaurus

a flying beetle

fly US Thesaurus

a bird flew overhead

a-flying US English

In predicative use: flying, aflight. Also as adverb: in or into a state of flight, into the air.

flag-flying US English

The action of making a public display to promote the interests of one’s country, or of another organization or group

flying boat US English

A large seaplane that lands with its fuselage in the water

flying bomb US English

A small pilotless aircraft with an explosive warhead, especially a V-1

flying disc US English

A concave plastic disc designed for skimming through the air as an outdoor game or amusement

flying fish US English

A fish of warm seas that leaps out of the water and uses its winglike pectoral fins to glide over the surface for some distance

flying fox US English

A large fruit bat with a foxlike face, found in Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia

flying frog US English

A nocturnal arboreal Asian frog that is able to glide between trees using the large webs between its extended toes

flying gang US English

A team of railway maintenance workers

flying suit US English

A one-piece garment worn by the pilot and crew of a military or light aircraft

flying wing US English

An aircraft with little or no fuselage and no vertical airfoil

high-flying US English

Flying at a high altitude

kite-flying US English

The action of flying a kite on a string

low-flying US English

Flying at a low altitude

non-flying US English

Of an animal, especially a bird: flightless.

ski-flying US English

A form of ski jumping incorporating aerodynamic principles to lengthen the jump

flying bishop US English

(Originally in the U.K.) a bishop who is authorized to minister to clergy and congregations outside his own diocese who share his views on a matter of major doctrinal or ethical significance (especially opposition to the ordination of women priests) and who on these grounds either do not recognize the authority of or do not wish to be ministered to by their diocesan bishop.

flying bridge US English

Another term for flybridge.

flying change US English

A movement in riding in which the leading leg at the canter is changed without breaking gait while the horse is in the air

flying doctor US English

(In Australia) a doctor who uses radio communication and travels by aircraft to visit patients in remote areas of the country

flying dragon US English

An arboreal Southeast Asian lizard that has expanding membranes along the sides of the body, used for gliding between trees

flying lemur US English

A tree-dwelling lemurlike mammal with a membrane between the fore- and hind limbs for gliding from tree to tree. It is nocturnal and native to Southeast Asia

flying lizard US English

Another term for flying dragon.

flying mouse US English

another term for feathertail glider.

flying picket US English

A person who, with others, travels to picket any workplace where there is an industrial dispute

flying saucer US English

A disk-shaped flying craft supposedly piloted by aliens; a UFO

flying snake US English

A greenish semiarboreal Southeast Asian snake that can glide down from a tree in a stiff horizontal position, with the belly hollowed to slow its descent

flying squad US English

A division of a police force or other organization that is capable of reaching an incident quickly

flying start US English

A start of a race or time trial in which the starting point is passed at speed

flying tackle US English

An attempt to gain possession of the ball or to seize and stop a player in possession of the ball, performed while launching oneself at the opposing player

flying visit US English

A very short visit

flying wedge US English

A fast-moving group, as of police officers, linked together closely in a V-shaped formation, sometimes used to force a way through a crowd or to protect someone behind them

night flying US English

The flying or operation of an aircraft at night.

night-flying US English

Especially of an animal: that flies at night.

pigeon flying US English

The sport or pastime of training or racing homing pigeons.

yogic flying US English

A technique used chiefly by Transcendental Meditation practitioners that involves thrusting oneself off the ground while in the lotus position

flying buttress US English

A buttress slanting from a separate pier, typically forming an arch with the wall it supports

Flying Dutchman US English

A legendary spectral ship supposedly seen in the region of the Cape of Good Hope and presaging disaster

flying fortress US English

An informal name for the Boeing B-17, an American long-range heavy bomber aeroplane developed in the late 1930s.

flying gurnard US English

A bottom-dwelling marine fish that has bony armor on the skull, spines behind the head, and large brightly colored pectoral fins. It moves through the water with a gliding or flying motion

flying machine US English

An aircraft, especially an early or unconventional one

flying officer US English

A rank of commissioned officer in the RAF, above pilot officer and below flight lieutenant

flying squirrel US English

A small squirrel that has skin joining the fore and hind limbs for gliding from tree to tree

flying phalanger US English

A small Australasian marsupial with a membrane between the fore- and hind limbs for gliding

with flying colors US English

With distinction

flying cane toad US English

A name for any bird regarded as a pest, especially the mynah

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