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force1 US English

Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement

force2 US English

A waterfall

force US Thesaurus

he pushed with all his force

air force US English

The branch of a nation’s armed services that conducts military operations in the air

in force US English

In great strength or numbers

force-out US English

The putout of a base runner who is forced to go to the next base

par force US English

Compulsorily, of necessity.

Delta Force US English

An elite US Army unit whose main responsibilities are rescue operations and special forces work

force-feed US English

Force (a person or animal) to eat

force field US English

(Chiefly in science fiction) an invisible barrier of exerted strength or impetus

force play US English

A play in which a runner must advance when a ball is hit, thereby allowing a fielder to put the runner out by touching the approached base before the runner gets there

force pump US English

A pump used to move water or other liquid under pressure

force-ripe US English

(Of a person) old or mature in certain respects without having developed fully in others

labor force US English

All the members of a particular organization or population who are able to work, viewed collectively

life force US English

The force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength

naked force US English

Unconcealed, ruthless force.

nerve force US English

Power ascribed to nerves; neuroelectric activity; an instance of this.

ounce-force US English

A unit of force equal to the weight of a mass of one ounce, especially under standard gravity; one-sixteenth of a pound-force.

pound-force US English

A unit of force equal to the weight of a mass of one pound avoirdupois, especially under standard gravity (when it is equivalent to approx. 4.45 newtons); abbreviated lbf.

soul force US English

Spiritual energy; a vital force conceived of as constituting, residing in, or emanating from the soul.

task force US English

An armed force organized for a special operation

third force US English

A political group or party acting as a check on conflict between two extreme or opposing groups

vital force US English

The energy or spirit that animates living creatures; the soul

colour force US English

The force that acts between quarks and between gluons by virtue of their colour; the strong force.

Defence Force US English

The South African armed services, consisting of the army, navy, air force, and medical service

force majeure US English

Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract

Lorentz force US English

The force that is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge

magnum force US English

(attributive) designating a weapon having magnum capacity.

Magnus force US English

A force on a rotating body arising from the Magnus effect.

muscle force US English

The force or power of human agency; human strength.

nuclear force US English

A strong attractive force between nucleons in the atomic nucleus that holds the nucleus together

police force US English

An organized body of police officers responsible for a country, district, or town

psychic force US English

Paranormal or supernatural energy, power, or influence; an instance of this.

strike force US English

A military force equipped and organized for sudden attack

working force US English

People engaged in or available for work in a particular area, industry, etc.

coercive force US English

Another term for coercivity.

electric force US English

The force with which electricity tends to move matter; the force acting between objects with opposite electric charges.

by force of US English

By means of

force feedback US English

The simulation of physical attributes such as weight in computer gaming and virtual reality, allowing the user to interact directly with virtual objects using touch

Majorana force US English

The exchange force between two nucleons, in which charge and spin are both exchanged.

physical force US English

An influence acting within the physical world, a force of nature; a mechanical force.

reaction force US English

A force equal and opposite to a force giving rise to it; compare sense 2b.

restoring force US English

A force that acts to return a perturbed system to equilibrium or to restore a deformed body to its original form; specifically such a force in an elastic object (e.g. a spring), the magnitude of which is proportional to the displacement.

air force base US English

A base from which military aircraft operate.

air force blue US English

The shade of blue of an air force uniform (of a specified country).

air force brat US English

A child of a parent (or parents) belonging to an air force.

Air Force One US English

The designation (when the president of the US is aboard) of any of several specially equipped jetliners maintained by the US Air Force

centrifugal force US English

An apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body’s inertia

centripetal force US English

A force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving

force the pace US English

Adopt a fast pace in a race in order to tire out one’s opponents quickly

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