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form US English

The visible shape or configuration of something

-form US English

Having the form of

forme US English

A body of type secured in a chase for printing

form US Thesaurus

the general form of the landscape

by-form US English

A secondary form of a word

in form US English

(Of an athlete or sports team) playing or performing well

on-form US English

That is in good form or condition.

re-form US English

Form or cause to form again

art form US English

A conventionally established form of artistic composition, such as the novel, sonata, or sonnet

bad form US English

An offense against current social conventions

base form US English

The simple form from which the derivatives and inflected forms of a word arise.

book form US English

The form of a book, especially as opposed to any other type of publication; frequently attributive and in in book form.

case form US English

A morphological variant of a word which serves to indicate its case.

eye form US English

The shape of the human eye viewed externally, regarded as an oval with one or both ends sharpened.

off form US English

(Of an athlete or sports team) not playing or performing well

form drag US English

That part of the drag on an airfoil that arises from its shape. It varies according to the angle of attack and can be decreased by streamlining

form room US English

A classroom in which a group of students assembles daily with the same teacher before dispersing to other classes

free-form US English

Not conforming to a regular or formal structure or shape

good form US English

What complies with current social conventions

head form US English

Physical Anthropol. The form of the head, especially with reference to craniometric classification.

-ing form US English

The form of an English verb ending in -ing, which can function as a noun, as an adjective, and in the formation of progressive tenses

life form US English

Any living thing

own-form US English

Involving or designating pollen that is used to fertilize the plant from which it came.

pen-form US English

The shape of a character written by hand, especially as influenced by the writing instrument or the way it is used.

pet form US English

An altered form of a name used to express affection or familiarity

post-form US English

To subject (a material, especially a thermosetting laminated plastic) to postforming.

pro-form US English

A word or lexical unit that is dependent for its meaning on reference to some other part of the context or sentence in which it occurs, for example, a pronoun replacing a noun or noun phrase, or a verb replacing a clause, such as do in she likes chocolate and so do I

roll-form US English

To shape or form by roll-forming.

root form US English

Linguistics. A word form consisting of an unmodified root, especially an uninflected verb form.

song form US English

A form used in the composition of a song, in particular a simple melody and accompaniment or a three-part work in which the third part is a repetition of the first

word form US English

A (particular) form of a word; especially each of the possible forms taken by a given lexeme, typically distinguished by their grammatical inflections.

bound form US English

A morpheme that occurs only as an element of a compound word and cannot stand on its own, such as -ing or -er

entry form US English

An application form for a competition

first form US English

The lowest form in a school.

form class US English

A class of linguistic forms with grammatical or syntactic features in common; a part of speech or subset of a part of speech

form factor US English

A mathematical factor that compensates for irregularity in the shape of an object, usually the ratio between its volume and that of a regular object of the same breadth and height

form genus US English

A classificatory category used for fossils that are similar in appearance but cannot be reliably assigned to an established animal or plant genus, such as fossil parts of organisms and trace fossils

form letter US English

A standardized letter to deal with frequently occurring matters

form master US English

A male teacher who has responsibility for a particular class in a school

form sheet US English

A (printed) record of the past performance of a racehorse or racehorses; a form book; also transf., any past record, especially of criminal convictions.

myelin form US English

= myelin figure.

normal form US English

A defined standard structure for relational databases in which a relation may not be nested within another relation

number form US English

The shapes into which series of numbers are formed in a person's mental imagery.

omega-form US English

A shape resembling the Greek letter omega.

order form US English

A printed form on which a customer writes the details of a product or service they wish to order

outer form US English

Printing (usually outer forme) the printing surface (originally type) containing the pages from which the outer side of a sheet is printed and including matter for the first page of the printed sheet.

proxy form US English

A form on which a proxy vote is registered.

racing form US English

A published record of the past performances of racehorses; a form sheet.

relic form US English

Biology an animal, species, etc., that is a relic.

ridge form US English

A ridge-shaped mass of earth; the shape characteristic of this.

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