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fort. US English


fort US English

A fortified building or strategic position

fort US Thesaurus

dozens of settlers in the area sought refuge within the confines of the fort

Fort in Fortean US English

Of, relating to, or denoting paranormal phenomena

Fort Knox US English

A US military reservation in Kentucky, noted as the site of the depository, which was built in 1936, that holds the bulk of the nation’s gold bullion in its vaults

Fort Lamy US English

Former name (until 1973) for N'Djamena.

Fort Lee US English

A commercial and residential borough in northeastern New Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York City; population 36,275 (est. 2008)

hill fort US English

A fort built on a hill, in particular an area on a hilltop enclosed by a system of defensive banks and ditches, as used by Iron Age peoples in NW Europe

ring fort US English

A prehistoric earthwork, especially an Iron Age hill fort, defended by circular ramparts and ditches

Bent's Fort US English

A historic site in east central Colorado, northeast of La Junta, on the Arkansas River and the former Santa Fe Trail

Fort Dodge US English

A commercial and mining city in northwestern Iowa; population 25,180 (est. 2008)

Fort Myers US English

A resort and commercial city in southwestern Florida; population 65,394 (est. 2008)

Fort Pierce US English

A resort and port city in east central Florida; population 40,885 (est. 2008)

Fort Smith US English

An industrial city in western Arkansas, on the Arkansas River; population 84,716 (est. 2008)

Fort Sumter US English

A historic site in the mouth of the harbor of Charleston in South Carolina. Confederate forces fired on US troops here in April 1861, beginning the Civil War

Fort Wayne US English

An industrial and commercial city in northeastern Indiana; population 251,591 (est. 2008)

Fort Worth US English

A city in northern Texas, on the Trinity River, west of Dallas; population 703,073 (est. 2008)

Fort Collins US English

A commercial and industrial city in north central Colorado, home to Colorado State University; population 136,509 (est. 2008)

Fort McHenry US English

A historic site in the harbor of Baltimore in Maryland, scene of an 1812 British siege that inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Fort William US English

A town in western Scotland, on Loch Linnhe near Ben Nevis; population 9,000 (est. 2009)

Fort Lauderdale US English

A resort, commercial, and industrial city in southeastern Florida, north of Miami; population 183,126 (est. 2008)

Fort-de-France US English

The capital of Martinique; population 93,000 (est. 2007)

hold the fort US English

Take responsibility for a situation while another person is temporarily absent

hold the fort in hold1 US English

Take responsibility for a situation while another person is temporarily absent