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frog1 US English

A tailless amphibian with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping

frog2 US English

A thing used to hold or fasten something, in particular

frog3 US English

An elastic horny pad growing in the sole of a horse’s hoof, helping to absorb the shock when the hoof hits the ground

Frog in frog1 US English

A French person

frog belt US English

A belt with an attachment in which a weapon may be carried.

frog cake US English

A small cream-filled cake covered with green icing, shaped to resemble a frog

frog crab US English

Any of various primitive burrowing crabs constituting the family Raninidae, which have a body shape and claws modified for digging, and somewhat resemble a frog.

frog-eye US English

A tobacco disease caused by Cercospora nicotianae.

frog-eyed US English

Having eyes which resemble those of a frog, especially in being large and bulging.

frog-face US English

A face like that of a frog; a person with such a face (frequently as a derogatory form of address).

frog-hop US English

A very short distance or period of time, with allusion to the short, quick hop of a frog.

frog kick US English

A movement used in swimming, especially in the breast stroke, in which the legs are brought toward the body with the knees bent and the feet together and then kicked outward before being brought together again, all in one continuous movement

frog legs US English

The back legs of frogs, as an item of food

frog-lily US English

The yellow water lily, Nuphar lutea; also called cow lily.

frog pit US English

A pond inhabited by frogs; a pit in which frogs are kept.

frog spit US English

Another term for cuckoo spit.

mink frog US English

A small mottled or spotted frog, Rana septentrionalis, of marshy lakes and ponds of north-eastern North America, which when handled exudes an odour resembling that of a mink.

pond frog US English

Any of various frogs that frequent ponds; especially the green frog, Rana clamitans, of the eastern U.S.

pool frog US English

A small, green European frog, Rana lessonae, with dark brown or black blotches and (often) a light dorsal stripe, and a distinctive loud quack-like call in the mating season.

rain frog US English

US and Caribbean a small tree frog of the genus Hyla (family Hylidae), especially the common H. squirella.

tree frog US English

An arboreal frog that has long toes with adhesive disks and is typically small and brightly colored

clawed frog US English

A frog with a flattened body and claws on the hind toes

edible frog US English

A large green aquatic frog of mainland Europe, popular as food in some regions

flying frog US English

A nocturnal arboreal Asian frog that is able to glide between trees using the large webs between its extended toes

frog button US English

A spindle-shaped button covered with silk or other material, designed to pass through a loop on the opposite side of the garment.

frog colour US English

A shade of green resembling that of a frog; a dullish green.

frog dance US English

Any of various dances incorporating frog-like movements; specifically †= frogs' hornpipe (obsolete).

frog-eater US English

A person or animal who eats frogs; especially (derogatory) a French person or a person of French descent.

frog-eating US English

That eats frogs; especially (derogatory) applied to French people.

frog orchid US English

A small orchid with inconspicuous green flowers, growing chiefly on calcareous grassland in north temperate regions

frog orchis US English

= frog orchid.

frog-plate US English

A plate on which a live frog can be fixed, especially for a microscopic demonstration of blood circulation in the foot.

frog shell US English

Any of various large marine gastropod molluscs allied to the tritons and having a heavily built knobbly shell, now mostly placed in the family Bursidae.

frog spear US English

A small spear suitable for hunting frogs, typically consisting of a three-pronged head joined to a pole.

frog tribe US English

The group of animals that comprises the frogs.

green frog US English

The frog R. clamitans of North America.

marsh frog US English

A large, gregarious European frog with warty skin and a loud laughing call

meadow frog US English

A North American leopard frog, especially Rana pipiens.

nurse frog US English

The midwife toad, Alytes obstetricans.

poison frog US English

= poison arrow frog.

cricket frog US English

Any of three small terrestrial North American frogs of the genus Acris (family Hylidae), which have a clicking call reminiscent of some American crickets.

frog-catcher US English

A person or animal who hunts frogs.

frog's-bit US English

A floating freshwater plant with creeping stems that bear clusters of small rounded leaves

frog tadpole US English

The aquatic larva of a frog.

goliath frog US English

A giant frog of West Central Africa

leopard frog US English

A common greenish-brown North American frog that has dark leopardlike spots with a pale border

parsley frog US English

Either of two small frog-like toads of the genus Pelodytes (family Pelobatidae) having greenish spots, especially P. punctatus of western Europe.

pickerel frog US English

A common North American frog, Rana palustris, which has a double row of dark squarish spots down the back and bright yellow or orange coloration under the hind legs.

frog's foot US English

Either of two aquatic plants, water crowfoot Ranunculus aquatilis, and duckweed (genus Lemna).

marsupial frog US English

Any of several tree frogs, especially of the South American genus Gastrotheca (family Hylidae), the females of which have a pouch in the skin of the back in which the fertilized eggs develop and hatch.

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