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full1 US English

Containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space

full2 US English

Clean, shrink, and felt (cloth) by heat, pressure, and moisture

full US Thesaurus

her glass was full

be in flood US English

(Of a river) be swollen and overflowing its banks

in spate US English

(Of a river) overflowing due to a sudden flood

at strain US English

Using the utmost effort

full on US English

Running at or providing maximum power or capacity

full up US English

Filled to capacity

in full US English

With nothing omitted

cram-full US English

Very full; packed

full out US English

As much or as far as possible; with maximum effort or power

to the full US English

To the greatest possible extent

full age US English

Adult status (especially with reference to legal rights and duties)

full beam US English

The brightest setting of a vehicle’s headlights

full bore US English

At full speed or maximum capacity

full-bred US English

(Of an animal) bred from parents of the same breed or variety; of unmixed origin

full face US English

With all of the face visible; facing directly at someone or something

full moon US English

The phase of the moon in which its whole disk is illuminated

full page US English

An entire page of a newspaper or magazine

full stop US English

Another term for period2noun2noun2noun.

full-time US English

Occupying or using the whole of someone’s available working time, typically 40 hours in a week

full toss US English

A ball pitched right up to the batsman

full rig US English

(Wearing) fancy or ceremonial clothes

full tilt US English

With maximum energy or force; at top speed

full blast US English

At maximum power or intensity

chock-full US English

Filled to overflowing

full-blown US English

Fully developed

full board US English

Provision of accommodation and all meals at a hotel or guest house

full-bodied US English

Rich and satisfying in flavor or sound

full color US English

The full range of colors

full-cream US English

(Of milk) unskimmed

full dress US English

Clothes worn on ceremonial or formal occasions

full flood US English

The tide or a river at its highest

full gainer US English

(In diving) a dive in which a complete backwards somersault is performed before entering the water feet first

full-grown US English

Having reached maturity

full growth US English

The greatest size that a plant or animal naturally attains; maturity

full house US English

An audience, or a group of people attending a meeting, that fills the venue for the event to capacity

full-length US English

Of the standard length

full marks US English

The maximum award in an examination or assessment

full-rigged US English

(Of a sailing ship) having three or more masts that all carry square sails

full-scale US English

Of the same size as the thing represented

full score US English

A score of a musical composition giving the parts for all performers on separate staves

full sister US English

A sister born of the same mother and father

full-sized US English

Of normal size for its type

full-timer US English

A person who does a full-time job

full-toned US English

Having a strong, resonant tone

full-blown US Thesaurus

a full-blown crisis

full-bodied US Thesaurus

a full-bodied claret

full-grown US Thesaurus

how full-grown men can act so childishly is beyond me

full-scale US Thesaurus

a full-scale model

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