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gang1 US English

An organized group of criminals

gang2 US English

Go; proceed

gang together in gang1 US English

(Of a number of people) form a group or gang

gang US Thesaurus

a gang of tough-looking boys

gang-gang US English

The cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum of southeastern Australia, which has grey plumage, and the male of which has a red head and crest.

gang-up US English

An act of ganging up to oppose or attack someone or something.

day gang US English

A company of workers employed to work during the day, especially as part of a designated day shift.

gang-cask US English

A small wooden cask used especially for transporting water from shore to a ship.

Gang Day US English

Each of the three days preceding Ascension Day (Holy Thursday), during which religious processions take place; a Rogation Day. Chiefly in plural Compare Gang Week.

gang girl US English

A (young) female member of a criminal or street gang.

gang hook US English

A hook consisting of a number of joined hooks; (Angling) a fish hook having several baited points, typically made by joining several hooks by their shanks.

gang mill US English

A sawmill in which gang-saws are used.

gang name US English

A usually distinctive nickname used by a member of a criminal or street gang.

gang rape US English

The rape of one person by a group of other people

gang road US English

A road or tramway along which coal is transported from a mine.

gang-shag1 US English

= gang-bang.

gang-shag2 US English

= gang-bang.

gang show US English

A locally produced variety show performed annually by members of the Scout and Guide Association

gang turf US English

Territory under the control of a gang or gangs; an area controlled by a particular street gang.

gang war US English

An instance of gang warfare.

Gang Week US English

Rogation week, during which the Gang Days fall.

gang work US English

Work carried out by labourers in a gang or gangs.

iron gang US English

A group of convicts assigned to hard labour in fetters

loan gang US English

A group of convicts assigned to a settler as workers

old gang US English

A group or clique of friends or colleagues; specifically a clique of powerful or establishment politicians who control a party or monopolize important positions.

race gang US English

A gang of petty criminals who frequent race meetings.

road gang US English

A gang of workers engaged in building or repairing roads; specifically a detachment of convicts detailed to work at road construction (now chiefly historical).

work gang US English

A gang (especially of slaves or prisoners) that carries out manual or physical labour.

black gang US English

A gang employed on work such as supplying or stoking a furnace with coal.

chain gang US English

A group of convicts chained together while working outside the prison

crime gang US English

= crime syndicate.

flying gang US English

A team of railway maintenance workers

gang agley US English

(Of a plan) go wrong

gang driver US English

The overseer of a group of workers or slaves.

gang fight US English

A fight between rival gangs of youths or criminals

gang flower US English

Common milkwort, Polygala vulgaris; also called rogation flower.

gang leader US English

The leader of a criminal gang

Gang Monday US English

Monday in Rogation week, the first of the Gang Days, during which religious processions take place.

gang mower US English

A mower having several cutting edges or devices working in coordination; (now) especially a lawnmower for cutting large areas of grass, consisting of a number of linked mowers towed behind a tractor or other vehicle.

gang punch US English

A punch capable of punching holes or perforations into multiple objects (especially cards) in one operation.

gang rider US English

A person who rides on the trains of an underground railway (especially in a mine), and has responsibility for giving signals, operating couplings and track switches, etc.

gang-robber US English

A member of a gang of robbers; specifically = dacoit.

gang switch US English

A set of two or more switches in separate circuits but mechanically linked so that they operate simultaneously.

gang system US English

A system of organizing labour by which tasks are allotted to workers according to their ability, thus ensuring greater efficiency.

gang tackle US English

An instance of gang tackling.

gang-tackle US English

(Of a number of players) to tackle (the ball carrier) together; also figurative and in extended use.

gang tattoo US English

A tattoo featuring the name or insignia of a street gang.

gang worker US English

A member of a gang of labourers.

plough-gang US English

A measure of arable land based on the area able to be tilled by one plough with a team of horses or oxen in the year, varying in extent according to the type of plough used, the nature of the ground, etc.

press gang US English

A body of men employed to enlist men forcibly into service in the army or navy

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