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gang1 US English

An organized group of criminals

gang2 US English

Go; proceed

gang together in gang1 US English

(Of a number of people) form a group or gang

gang rape US English

The rape of one person by a group of other people

gang show US English

A locally produced variety show performed annually by members of the Scout and Guide Association

chain gang US English

A group of convicts chained together while working outside the prison

gang agley in gang2 US English

(Of a plan) go wrong

gang agley US English

(Of a plan) go wrong

press gang US English

A body of men employed to enlist men forcibly into service in the army or navy

Stern Gang US English

A militant Zionist group that campaigned in Palestine during the 1940s for the creation of a Jewish state. Founded by Avraham Stern (1907–42) as an offshoot of Irgun, the group assassinated the British Minister for the Middle East, Lord Moyne, and Count Folke Bernadotte (1895–1948), the UN mediator for Palestine

section gang US English

A crew of railroad workers responsible for maintaining a particular section of track

Gang of Four US English

(In China) a group of four associates, including Mao Zedong’s wife, involved in implementing the Cultural Revolution. They were among the groups competing for power on Mao’s death in 1976, but were arrested and imprisoned

gang up in gang1 US English

(Of a number of people) join together, typically in order to intimidate someone

gangbang US English

The successive rape of one person by a group of other people

gangplank US English

A movable plank used as a ramp to board or disembark from a ship or boat

press-gang someone into in press gang US English

Force someone to do something

gangbanging in gangbang US English

The violent activities of a criminal gang

gang US Thesaurus

a gang of tough-looking boys

gang English-Spanish

banda f, pandilla f

gang rape English-Spanish

violación, capote mChifamiliar/colloquial

gang-rape English-Spanish

violar en grupo, darle* un capote a

press gang English-Spanish

leva f, destacamento

gang up English-Spanish

the kids in my class are ganging up on me

gang together English-Spanish


the gang's operations in operation English-Spanish

las actividades de la banda

the same old gang running things in gang English-Spanish

el grupito de siempre dirigiendo el cotarro

the gang needs him to act as lookout in lookout English-Spanish

la banda lo necesita para que haga de guardia

the net was closing around the gang in net English-Spanish

la red se iba cerrando en torno a la banda

he was identified as a member of the gang in identify English-Spanish

se lo identificó como miembro de la banda

a gang of thieves is operating in the area in operate English-Spanish

una banda de ladrones opera en la zona