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gap US English

A break or hole in an object or between two objects

age gap US English

A difference in age between people, especially as a potential source of misunderstanding

spark gap US English

A space between electrical terminals across which a transient discharge passes

trade gap US English

Another term for trade deficit.

water gap US English

A transverse gap in a mountain ridge through which a stream or river flows

wind gap US English

A valley cut through a ridge by erosion by a river that no longer follows a course through the valley

yield gap US English

The difference between the return on government-issued securities and that on common stock

gap year US English

A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education

dollar gap US English

The amount by which a country’s import trade with the dollar area exceeds the corresponding export trade

gender gap US English

The discrepancy in opportunities, status, attitudes, etc., between men and women

gap-toothed US English

Having or showing gaps between the teeth

output gap US English

The amount by which the actual output of an economy falls short of its potential output

plug the gap US English

Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation

credibility gap US English

An apparent difference between what is said or promised and what happens or is true

Cumberland Gap US English

A historic pass through the Appalachian Mountains, from southwestern Virginia into southeastern Kentucky

generation gap US English

Differences of outlook or opinion between people of different generations

plug the gap in plug US English

Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation

stopgap US English

A temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need

plug the gap or gaps in plug US English

Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation

gap US Thesaurus

a gap in the shutters

gap English-Spanish

espacio masculine

age gap English-Spanish


air gap English-Spanish

cámara feminine de aire

gap year English-Spanish

añoantes de entrar a la universidad

water gap English-Spanish

cañón masculinepor el que corre un arroyo

gap-toothed English-Spanish

que tiene los dientes separados

generation gap English-Spanish

brecha feminine generacional

to bridge the gap in gap English-Spanish

salvar la distancia

to narrow the gap in narrow English-Spanish

reducir* la distancia

gap-toothed/large-toothed in -toothed English-Spanish

de dientes separados/grandes

leave a gap between the desks in gap English-Spanish

deja un espacio entre los escritorios

to plug a gap in the market in plug English-Spanish

llenar un hueco en el mercado

the gap between us has widened in widen English-Spanish

las diferencias entre nosotros se han acentuado

leave a generous gap between the bulbs in gap English-Spanish

plante los bulbos bien espaciados, deje bastante espacio entre los bulbos

the light filtered in through a gap in gap English-Spanish

la luz se filtraba por una rendija

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