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gas US English

An airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity

gas US Thesaurus

the car uses only unleaded gas

gas–liquid US English

Of or relating to both gas and liquid; especially designating a form of chromatography in which the moving carrier phase is a gas and the stationary phase is a liquid.

CS gas US English

A powerful form of tear gas used particularly in the control of riots

air-gas US English

A mixture of air and a vaporized hydrocarbon mixture (e.g. petroleum), used especially for lighting.

gas arc US English

An electric arc formed in a noble gas under high pressure; a lamp in which the light is produced by such an arc; frequently attributive.

gas bar US English

A petrol station, especially one without a garage for service or repairs, and having only basic facilities, as pumps and a kiosk.

gas cap US English

A cap that closes the pipe leading to the gas tank of a motor vehicle

gas gun US English

A gun in which the expansion of compressed gas is used to propel a bullet or other missile.

gas jar US English

A glass jar, typically a plain cylinder, used for collecting and holding gas.

gas jet US English

Another term for gas burner

gas log US English

A gas-burning appliance consisting of a gas burner made to resemble a log, used in a fireplace to simulate the effect of a burning log

gas oil US English

A type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum

gas tap US English

A device for controlling the flow of gas from a pipe

gas tar US English

Coal tar produced in the manufacture of coal gas.

gas van US English

A railway wagon in which gas is stored (now rare).

gas war US English

Fierce or aggressive competition between gas companies; a war or conflict concerning the manufacture or supply of gas.

off-gas US English

A gas that is given off, especially one emitted as the byproduct of a chemical process

oil gas US English

A gaseous mixture derived from mineral oils by destructive distillation

oxy-gas US English

A flammable mixture of oxygen and another gas, especially natural gas or coal gas; usually attributive.

blood gas US English

A gas present in the blood, especially oxygen or carbon dioxide; (a determination of) the concentration of gases in the blood; frequently attributive.

blue gas US English

= blue water-gas.

Calor gas US English

Liquefied butane stored under pressure in portable containers, used domestically as a substitute for mains gas and in camping as a portable fuel

coal gas US English

A mixture of gases (chiefly hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide) obtained by the destructive distillation of coal and formerly used for lighting and heating

flue gas US English

A mixture of gases produced by the burning of fuel or other materials in power stations and industrial plants and extracted via ducts

gas alarm US English

An alarm for giving (typically audible) warning of the presence of explosive or poisonous gas.

gas bath US English

A treatment involving exposure of a person to a gas or mixture of gases; a facility for providing such treatment.

gas bill US English

(Chiefly with capital initials) a legislative bill concerned with the supply, manufacture, or use of gas.

gas black US English

= carbon black.

gas board US English

An authority with responsibility for the supply of fuel gas to an area.

gas boat US English

A boat powered by a petrol engine.

gas bomb US English

An explosive device whose force is derived from the ignition of gas (now rare).

gas buggy US English

A motor car, especially one that runs on petrol or diesel.

gas buoy US English

A buoy incorporating a gaslight, used for giving guidance to ships.

gas cape US English

A cape worn to provide protection against poison gas.

gas cell US English

An enclosed space or compartment used for holding gas; especially one in an airship.

gas check US English

A sealing device to prevent escape of combustion gases around or behind the bullet in firing a gun; especially a thin cap or cup fitted to the base of a cartridge, used to reduce deposition of lead in the barrel and improve performance.

gas cloud US English

Astronomy. A mass of gaseous material in space; specifically one from which a planet, solar system, or other celestial object is formed.

gas coal US English

Bituminous coal used in the manufacture of coal gas.

gas cock US English

= gas tap.

gas coke US English

Coke produced in the manufacture of coal gas.

gas field US English

An area of land or seabed underlain by deposits of natural gas, especially in amounts that support commercial exploitation.

gas fire US English

A domestic heating appliance which uses gas as its fuel

gas-fired US English

Using a combustible gas as its fuel

gas gauge1 US English

A device for indicating the pressure of gas.

gas gauge2 US English

= petrol gauge.

gas giant US English

A large planet of relatively low density consisting predominantly of hydrogen and helium, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune

gas globe US English

A gas-filled balloon, a hot-air balloon (now rare).

gas gong US English

(In the First World War (1914–18)) a gong, typically an empty shell case, sounded to give warning of a gas attack.

gas lamp US English

A lamp in which the combustion of gas is used as a source of light

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