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gas US English

An airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity

gas US Thesaurus

the car uses only unleaded gas

CS gas US English

A powerful form of tear gas used particularly in the control of riots

gas cap US English

A cap that closes the pipe leading to the gas tank of a motor vehicle

gas jet US English

Another term for gas burner

gas log US English

A gas-burning appliance consisting of a gas burner made to resemble a log, used in a fireplace to simulate the effect of a burning log

gas oil US English

A type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum

gas tap US English

A device for controlling the flow of gas from a pipe

off-gas US English

A gas that is given off, especially one emitted as the byproduct of a chemical process

oil gas US English

A gaseous mixture derived from mineral oils by destructive distillation

Calor gas US English

Liquefied butane stored under pressure in portable containers, used domestically as a substitute for mains gas and in camping as a portable fuel

coal gas US English

A mixture of gases (chiefly hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide) obtained by the destructive distillation of coal and formerly used for lighting and heating

flue gas US English

A mixture of gases produced by the burning of fuel or other materials in power stations and industrial plants and extracted via ducts

gas fire US English

A domestic heating appliance which uses gas as its fuel

gas-fired US English

Using a combustible gas as its fuel

gas giant US English

A large planet of relatively low density consisting predominantly of hydrogen and helium, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune

gas lamp US English

A lamp in which the combustion of gas is used as a source of light

gas laws US English

The physical laws that describe the properties of gases, including Boyle’s and Charles' laws

gas main US English

The main pipe supplying gas to buildings

gas mark US English

A particular temperature level in a gas oven

gas mask US English

A protective mask used to cover a person’s face as a defense against poisonous gas

gas meter US English

A device that measures and records the amount of gas used in a building

gas oven US English

A domestic oven operating by gas

gas pedal US English

The pedal that controls the speed of a vehicle’s engine

gas plant US English

An aromatic Eurasian plant of the rue family, with showy white flowers and fragrant leaves that emit a flammable vapor. This can sometimes be ignited without harming the plant

gas pump US English

A petrol pump

gas range US English

A large cooking stove that uses natural gas as a fuel

gas ring US English

A gas burner comprising a series of gas jets arranged in a circle, typically forming part of a cooker or hob

gas stove US English

A stove that uses gas as a fuel

gas tank US English

The container holding the petrol in a motor vehicle

gas-tight US English

Sealed so as to prevent the leakage of gas

ideal gas US English

A hypothetical gas whose molecules occupy negligible space and have no interactions, and that consequently obeys the gas laws exactly

inert gas US English

Another term for noble gas.

marsh gas US English

Methane, especially as generated by decaying matter in marshes

nerve gas US English

A poisonous vapor that rapidly disables or kills by disrupting the transmission of nerve impulses

noble gas US English

Any of the gaseous elements helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon, occupying Group 0 (18) of the periodic table. They were long believed to be totally unreactive but compounds of xenon, krypton, and radon are now known

rare gas US English

Another term for noble gas.

shale gas US English

Natural gas occurring within or extracted from shale

swamp gas US English

Another term for marsh gas.

tail gas US English

Gas produced in a refinery and not required for further processing

tear gas US English

Gas that causes severe irritation to the eyes, chiefly used in riot control to force crowds to disperse

water gas US English

A fuel gas consisting mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, made by passing steam over incandescent coke

Calor gas New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

liquefied butane in portable containers

blister gas US English

Poison gas which causes blisters on and intense irritation to the skin

bottled gas US English

Butane or propane gas stored under pressure in portable tanks

gas burner US English

A nozzle or jet through which gas is released to burn, e.g., on a stove

gas carrier US English

A ship designed to carry liquefied gas in bulk

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