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germ US English

A microorganism, especially one that causes disease

germ US Thesaurus

this detergent kills germs

germ area US English

= germinal disc (now rare).

germ bomb US English

A bomb containing bacteria that cause disease, used in bacteriological warfare.

germ cell US English

A cell containing half the number of chromosomes of a somatic cell and able to unite with one from the opposite sex to form a new individual; a gamete

germ disc US English

= germinal disc.

germ-free US English

Containing no germs; sterile or clean

germ life US English

The life of a germ, or life at the stage of a germ.

germ line US English

A series of germ cells each descended or developed from earlier cells in the series, regarded as continuing through successive generations of an organism

germ pore US English

A thin area in the wall of a fungal spore through which a germ tube may emerge during germination.

germ spot US English

= germinal spot.

germ tube US English

Mycology a tubular process emerging from a germinating fungal spore, typically developing into a hypha.

germ centre US English

= germinal centre.

germ-laden US English

Filled with or carrying many germs

germ layer US English

Each of the three layers of cells (ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm) that are formed in the early embryo

germ plasm US English

Germ cells, collectively

germ plasma US English

= germ plasm.

germ stage US English

The stage of being a germ; an initial or early stage, especially in the development of an organism.

germ stock US English

Any of several types of reproductive structure in invertebrates; especially a part of the body from which new individuals arise asexually, usually by budding (now disused).

germ theory US English

The theory that infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms.

germ track US English

A continuous series of cells giving rise to the gametes during the development of an individual organism.

wheat germ US English

A nutritious foodstuff of a dry floury consistency consisting of the extracted embryos of grains of wheat

germ carrier US English

A person or thing that carries and transmits harmful microorganisms

germ warfare US English

Another term for biological warfare.