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germinal US English

Relating to or of the nature of a germ cell or embryo

Germinal US English

The seventh month of the French Republican calendar (1793–1805), originally running from March 21 to April 19

germinal cell US English

A cell capable of replicating and (usually) differentiating; specifically = germ cell.

germinal disc US English

Blastoderm, especially that in a bird's (or other telocithal) egg.

germinal disk US English

Another term for blastodisk.

germinal spot US English

The nucleolus of an ovum (now historical).

germinal centre US English

The central area of a lymph nodule, containing cells that are larger and paler than those of the periphery, and forming a zone of B lymphocyte proliferation in response to antigenic stimulation; compare slightly earlier germ centre.

germinal layer US English

A layer of cells capable of division and differentiation; specifically = germ layer.

germinal membrane US English

= blastoderm (now rare).

germinal vesicle US English

The nucleus of an ovum or oocyte, (in later use) specifically that of a developing oocyte at the stage immediately preceding meiosis.

germinal epithelium US English

Epithelium giving rising to germ cells, especially that lining the seminiferous tubules of the testis; (also) a layer of cuboidal cells covering the free surface of the ovary (originally believed to give rise to germ cells).