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goal US English

(In football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and some other games) a pair of posts linked by a crossbar and often with a net attached behind it, forming a space into or over which the ball has to be sent in order to score

in goal in goal US English

In the position of goalkeeper

in goal US English

In the position of goalkeeper

drop goal US English

A goal scored in open play by drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar, scoring three points (rugby union) or one point (rugby league)

goal area US English

A rectangular area in front of the goal from within which goal kicks must be taken

goal kick US English

A free kick taken by the defending side from within their goal area after attackers send the ball over the end line outside the goal

goal line US English

A line across a football or hockey field at or near its end, on which the goal is placed or which acts as the boundary beyond which a try or touchdown is scored

own goal US English

(In soccer) a goal scored inadvertently when the ball is struck into the goal by a player on the defensive team

field goal US English

A goal scored by a placekick, scoring three points

golden goal US English

(In some soccer and hockey competitions) the first goal scored during extra time which ends the match and gives victory to the scoring side

goal average US English

The ratio of the numbers of goals scored for and against a team in a series of matches, sometimes used in deciding the team’s position in a table

goal to go US English

The situation in which an offensive team gets a first down within ten yards of the goal line, and thus cannot advance for another first down

penalty goal US English

(In rugby, hockey, etc.) a goal scored from a penalty

goal difference US English

The difference between the number of goals scored for and against a team in a series of matches, sometimes used in deciding the team’s position in a table

in-goal area US English

The area between the goal line and the dead-ball line

touch-in-goal US English

The area at the corner of the field bounded by continuations of the touchline and the goal line

goalball US English

A team sport developed for blind or visually impaired players, in which a ball containing bells which make a sound when in motion is thrown at a goal at the opposing team’s end of the court

goalpost US English

Either of the two upright posts of a goal

goalmouth US English

The area just in front of a goal in soccer, lacrosse, or hockey

goalkeeper US English

another term for goaltender.

goalscorer US English

A player who scores a goal

goal poacher in poacher2 US English

A player who is particularly skilled at taking fleeting chances to score goals

goal US Thesaurus

I never numbered wealth as one of my goals

goal English-Spanish

portería f, arco mAmL

drop goal English-Spanish

drop m, patada

own goal English-Spanish

autogol m, gol

field goal English-Spanish

canasta fde dos puntos

goal average in goal English-Spanish

gol m average, promedio

to save a goal in goal English-Spanish

salvar un gol, parar

their stated intention/goal in stated English-Spanish

la intención/el objetivo que han expresado

a peach of a goal in peach English-Spanish

un gol de antología

he missed an open goal in open English-Spanish

falló con el arco desprotegido

we're only one goal ahead in ahead English-Spanish

vamos ganando por solo un gol

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