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government US English

The governing body of a nation, state, or community

government US Thesaurus

the government announced further cuts

big government US English

Government perceived as excessively interventionist and intruding into all aspects of the lives of its citizens

self-government US English

Government of a country by its own people, especially after having been a colony

self-government US Thesaurus

the self-government of our island nation

Government House US English

The official residence of a governor, especially in a colony or Commonwealth state that regards the British monarch as head of state

government-issue US English

(Of equipment) provided by the government

government paper US English

Bonds or other promissory certificates issued by the government

government surplus US English

Unused equipment sold by the government

local government US English

The administration of a particular town, county, or district, with representatives elected by those who live there

government securities US English

Bonds or other promissory certificates issued by the government

minority government US English

A government in which the governing party has most seats but still less than half the total

national government US English

A coalition government, especially one subordinating party differences to the national interest in a time of crisis, as in Britain under Ramsay MacDonald in 1931-5

antigovernment US English

Against a government or the administration in office

governmentwide US English

Affecting or involving all areas and departments of government