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gradient US English

An inclined part of a road or railway; a slope

gradient US Thesaurus

the gradient of Miller's Hill Road is less steep than it was fifty years ago

ruling gradient US English

= ruling grade.

chemical gradient US English

A continuous increase or decrease in the concentration of a particular chemical substance found on passing from one point to another.

potential gradient US English

A continuous increase or decrease in electric potential along a line between two points; the rate of change of electrical potential with distance.

pressure gradient US English

The rate of change of pressure with distance, especially in the atmosphere or other fluid.

alternating gradient US English

An alternation in the direction of a magnetic field in passing from one magnet to another; (usually attributive) designating a type of synchrotron which utilizes magnets whose magnetic fields point in alternate directions, enabling the particles to be focused in both vertical and horizontal planes.

geothermal gradient US English

The rate at which the temperature increases with depth below the surface of the ground or the surface of a lake.