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ground1 US English

The solid surface of the earth

ground2 US English

past and past participle of grind.

ground US Thesaurus

she collapsed on the ground

ground in grind US English

Reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it

run someone/something to earth US English

Chase a quarry to its lair

ground-in US English

(Of dirt or a stain) deeply embedded and thus difficult to remove

blue ground US English

Another term for kimberlite.

gain ground US English

Become more popular or accepted

give ground US English

Retreat or lose one’s advantage during a conflict or competition

ground down US English

Exhausted or worn down

ground ball US English

A ball hit along the ground

ground bass US English

A short theme, usually in the bass, that is constantly repeated as the other parts of the music vary

ground beef US English

Beef that is cut up into very small pieces in a meat grinder or other machine

ground crew US English

A team of people who maintain and service an aircraft on the ground

ground dove US English

A small dove that spends much of its time on the ground, feeding and frequently nesting there

ground game US English

Play consisting of running from scrimmage to advance the ball

ground ivy US English

A creeping plant of the mint family, with bluish-purple flowers. Native to Europe, it has become established in eastern North America

ground loop US English

A violent, uncontrolled horizontal rotation of an aircraft while landing, taking off, or taxiing

ground pine US English

A small, yellow-flowered Eurasian plant of the mint family that resembles a pine seedling in appearance and smell

ground plan US English

The plan of a building at ground level as imagined seen from above

ground rent US English

Rent paid under the terms of a lease by the owner of a building to the owner of the land on which it is built

ground rule US English

A basic principle

ground run US English

The movement of an aircraft along the ground just before takeoff or just after landing

ground wave US English

A radio wave that reaches a receiver from a transmitter directly, without reflection from the ionosphere

ground zero US English

The point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb

high ground US English

Land that is higher than the surrounding area, especially that which stays dry

below ground US English

Beneath the surface of the ground

burial ground US English

An area of ground set aside for the burying of human bodies

common ground US English

Opinions or interests shared by each of two or more parties

figure-ground US English

Relating to or denoting the perception of images by the distinction of objects from a background from which they appear to stand out, especially in contexts where this distinction is ambiguous

break ground US English

Do preparatory digging or other work prior to building or planting something

ground beetle US English

Any of a number of beetles that live mainly on or near the ground, in particular a fast-running predatory beetle of the family Carabidae

ground cherry US English

An American plant of the nightshade family that resembles the cape gooseberry

ground cloth US English

A waterproof cloth spread under a sleeping bag, directly on the ground or inside a tent

ground cover US English

Low-growing, spreading plants that help to stop weeds from growing

ground effect US English

The effect of added aerodynamic buoyancy produced by a cushion of air below a vehicle moving close to the ground

ground elder US English

A common weed of the parsley family, native to Europe, with leaves that resemble those of the elder and spreading, underground stems

ground floor US English

The floor of a building at ground level

ground frost US English

Frost formed on the surface of the ground or in the top layer of soil

ground glass US English

Glass with a smooth ground surface that renders it nontransparent while retaining its translucency

ground level US English

The level of the ground

ground sloth US English

An extinct terrestrial edentate mammal of the Cenozoic era in America, typically of very large size

ground staff US English

The people employed by an airline who work in an airport rather than on board an aircraft

ground state US English

The lowest energy state of an atom or other particle

ground tackle US English

The equipment used to anchor or moor a boat or ship

middle ground US English

An area of compromise or possible agreement between two extreme positions, especially political ones

parade ground US English

A place where troops gather for parade

sports ground US English

A piece of land used for sports

yellow ground US English

Kimberlite that is exposed at the surface and has become yellow as a result of atmospheric oxidation

burial ground US Thesaurus

a sacred burial ground

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