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guard US English

Watch over in order to protect or control

guard US Thesaurus

infantry guarded the barricaded bridge

ear guard US English

A protector for the ear. Chiefly in plural.

eye guard US English

A protective guard for the eyes; frequently in plural.

off guard US English

Unprepared for some surprise or difficulty

on guard US English

On duty to protect or defend something

guard dog US English

A dog kept to guard private property and warn of intruders

ice guard US English

US a projecting structure for protecting a bridge, pier, etc., from floating ice.

new guard US English

Chiefly Military History. Used to denote any of various bodies of troops which have been, or were at one time, newly constituted.

old guard US English

The original or long-standing members of a group or party, especially ones who are unwilling to accept change or new ideas

out-guard US English

A guard placed at a distance from the main body of an army; an advance guard, an outpost; the action of serving as such a guard.

Red Guard US English

Any of various radical or socialist groups, in particular a militant youth movement in China (1966–76) that carried out attacks on intellectuals and other disfavored groups as part of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution

coast guard US English

A branch of the US armed forces, under the Department of Transportation since 1967, responsible for the enforcement of maritime law and for the protection of life and property at sea. In time of war, or at the direction of the president, the Coast Guard serves as part of the US Navy

color guard US English

A uniformed group, especially of soldiers, police officers, or school representatives, who parade or present their institution’s flag (and sometimes their national flag) on ceremonial occasions

cross guard US English

A guard on a sword or dagger consisting of a short transverse bar

face guard US English

A protective covering or mask for the face, worn especially when playing sports, working with hazardous substances, etc.

keep guard US English

Act as a guard

under guard US English

Being guarded

guard cell US English

Each of a pair of curved cells that surround a stoma, becoming larger or smaller according to the pressure within the cells

guard duty US English

The task of keeping watch over someone or something or of controlling access to a place

guard hair US English

Long, coarse hair forming an animal’s outer fur

guard ring US English

A ring preventing another ring from slipping off a finger

Home Guard US English

The British citizen army organized in 1940 to defend the UK against invasion, finally disbanded in 1957

honor guard US English

Another term for guard of honor.

Irish guard US English

In the 17th and 18th cent.: a squadron of the British Navy with responsibility for patrolling the Irish Sea. Now historical.

Iron Guard US English

A fascist Romanian political party that was founded in 1927 and ceased to exist after World War II

mail guard US English

The guard of a mail coach.

main guard US English

Military. A body of troops constituting the chief guard, especially a body of cavalry posted on the wings of a camp towards the enemy; a guard in a fortress taking custody of disturbers of the peace, etc.

mount guard US English

Keep watch, especially for protection or to prevent escape

nose guard US English

Another term for nose tackle.

point guard US English

The backcourt player who directs the team’s offense

rash guard US English

A close-fitting top for swimming or surfing, worn under a wetsuit, over swimwear, or with a pair of bikini bottoms or trunks

rural guard US English

(Especially in certain countries of Latin America) a rural police force; (as a count noun) a member of such a force.

Scots Guard US English

(A member of) an elite military unit assigned as a bodyguard to the French monarchy, originally composed of Scottish soldiers. Now historical.

shin guard US English

A pad worn to protect the shins when playing soccer, hockey, and other sports

Swiss guard US English

Swiss mercenaries employed as a special guard, formerly by sovereigns of France, now only at the Vatican

town guard US English

The guard policing a garrison town.

train guard US English

A body of soldiers in charge of the train of an army (where the animals and wagons were in the hands of civilian drivers). Now historical.

White Guard US English

A counter-revolutionary force which opposed left-wing insurgents who had seized power in Finland in 1918; a member of this force.

advance guard US English

A body of soldiers preceding and making preparations for the main body of an army

cattle guard US English

A metal grid covering a ditch, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass over but not cattle and other animals

honour guard US English

A body of members of a uniformed service appointed to receive or guard a head of state or other dignitary, or to attend at state ceremonials, especially funerals; an individual serving in such a body.

keyhole guard US English

A metal plate which covers a keyhole, or a bolt which is inserted into it, so as to block the view through the hole, prevent tampering with the lock, stop draughts, etc.

medium guard US English

A type of guard or defensive posture.

middle guard US English

Cricket (now rare) the guard or stance taken by a batsman defending the middle stump with the bat.

palace guard US English

(A member of) a body of guards assigned to protect a palace, or a monarch or other sovereign ruler.

picket guard US English

An inlying picket; a picket protecting a position; a member of such a picket.

provost guard US English

A detachment of soldiers acting as military police under the command of a provost marshal

pulling guard US English

An offensive guard who pulls back from the line of scrimmage and runs toward the sideline to block for a runner

quarter guard US English

A small guard, originally mounted a short distance in front of each battalion in a camp, and now having mainly ceremonial duties.

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