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guide US English

A person who advises or shows the way to others

guide US Thesaurus

our guide took us back to the hotel

guide dog US English

A dog trained to lead a blind person

audio guide US English

A handheld device that provides recorded information for visitors touring a museum, gallery, or other place of interest

Blue Guide US English

One of a series of popular travel guidebooks with blue covers.

field guide US English

A book for the identification of birds, flowers, minerals, or other things in their natural environment

Girl Guide US English

A member of the Guide Association

guide rail US English

A rail or track which directs the movement or positioning of something

guide rope US English

A rope used to guide the movement of the load of a crane

paper guide US English

An adjustable device on a typewriter, printer, etc., for ensuring that the left edge of each sheet of paper is inserted at the same place.

plane guide US English

An attachment to a plane which may be adjusted to alter the cutting angle.

tour guide US English

A person employed to show tourists around places of interest

usage guide US English

A book of instruction or information relating to the conventionally accepted use of (especially formal written) language and grammar.

user guide US English

A handbook containing instructions on how to use a device, piece of software, etc.; an instruction manual.

guide number US English

A measure of the power of a flashgun expressed in meters or feet

nectar guide US English

A marking of contrasting colour or a structural feature of a flower that guides pollinators to its nectar supply.

postal guide US English

A handbook of information about the postal service and the areas it serves; a post office guide.

Queen's Guide US English

(In the UK) a Guide who has reached the highest rank of proficiency

railway guide US English

= railway timetable.

mountain guide US English

A person with local knowledge who acts as a guide amongst mountains; especially one specially trained to guide on dangerous mountain ascents.

railroad guide US English

A booklet or leaflet listing train routes and times for a particular area.

Guide Association US English

(In the UK) an organization for girls, founded in 1910

Food Guide Pyramid US English

A food pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture, displaying color-coded food groups arranged according to recommended levels of consumption in a healthy diet

Adirondack guide boat US English

= Adirondack boat.

Guider US English

An adult leader in the Guide Association

Guide Guider in Guider US English

An adult leader in the Guide Association

style sheet US English

A manual detailing the house style of a particular publisher, publication, etc.

waveguide US English

A metal tube or other device confining and conveying microwaves

Brownie in brownie US English

A member of the junior branch of the Girl Scouts, for girls aged between about 6 and 8