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guide US English

A person who advises or shows the way to others

guide dog US English

A dog trained to lead a blind person

audio guide US English

A handheld device that provides recorded information for visitors touring a museum, gallery, or other place of interest

field guide US English

A book for the identification of birds, flowers, minerals, or other things in their natural environment

Girl Guide US English

A member of the Guide Association

guide rope US English

A rope used to guide the movement of the load of a crane

tour guide US English

A person employed to show tourists around places of interest

guide number US English

A measure of the power of a flashgun expressed in meters or feet

Queen's Guide US English

(In the UK) a Guide who has reached the highest rank of proficiency

Guide Association US English

(In the UK) an organization for girls, founded in 1910

Food Guide Pyramid US English

A food pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture, displaying color-coded food groups arranged according to recommended levels of consumption in a healthy diet

waveguide US English

A metal tube or other device confining and conveying microwaves

Guider US English

An adult leader in the Guide Association

Guide Guider in Guider US English

An adult leader in the Guide Association

style sheet US English

A manual detailing the house style of a particular publisher, publication, etc.

Brownie US English

A member of the junior branch of the Girl Scouts, for girls aged between about 6 and 8

guide US Thesaurus

our guide took us back to the hotel

guide English-Spanish

guía mf

guide dog English-Spanish

perro m guía, perro m lazarillo

Guide in guide English-Spanish

exploradora f, guía f

audio guide English-Spanish

audioguía f

girl guide English-Spanish

→ girl scout

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