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gum1 US English

A viscous secretion of some trees and shrubs that hardens on drying but is soluble in water, and from which adhesives and other products are made

gum2 US English

The firm area of flesh around the roots of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw

gum3 US English

An exclamation used for emphasis

GUM US English

Genitourinary medicine

gum US Thesaurus

photographs stuck down with gum

art gum US English

A type of soft rubber formed into blocks for use as a non-abrasive eraser; an eraser consisting of such material.

hog gum US English

A kind of insoluble gum or resin obtained from any of various tropical trees, and formerly used medicinally.

red gum US English

An Australian gum tree with smooth bark and hard dark red timber

apple gum US English

Any of various trees of either of the related genera Eucalyptus and Angophora, thought to resemble the apple tree in some way.

black gum US English

Another term for sourgum.

blue gum US English

A eucalyptus tree with blue-green aromatic leaves and smooth bark

cider gum US English

A fast-growing, hardy Tasmanian eucalyptus, widely grown in northern Europe

fruit gum US English

A firm, jelly-like, fruit-flavoured sweet made with gelatin or gum arabic

grey gum US English

Any of several eucalyptus trees with greyish bark; especially Eucalyptus punctata and E. propinqua of eastern Australia.

gum resin US English

A plant secretion consisting of resin mixed with gum

gum tree US English

A tree that exudes gum, especially a eucalyptus

iron gum US English

(More fully iron gum-tree) any of several eucalypts of eastern Australia which have particularly strong wood; frequently with distinguishing word.

manna gum US English

Any of several eucalypts which exude manna, especially Eucalyptus viminalis; in full manna-gum tree.

pine gum US English

The resin or turpentine obtained from several species of pine, especially the slash pine, Pinus caribaea, and the southern pine, P. echinata.

plum gum US English

= plum tree gum.

river gum US English

Any of several eucalypts occurring on riverbanks; especially the red gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, widespread across Australia.

rose gum US English

Any of several eucalypts having pinkish bark and wood, used for timber; (now especially) Eucalyptus grandis, a large tree found in eastern Australia.

rusty gum US English

A tall tree of eastern Australia, Angophora costata (family Myrtaceae), which has smooth reddish bark and small woody fruits, and is common as an ornamental tree in some residential areas; also called smooth-barked apple.

sugar gum US English

An Australian eucalyptus with sweet foliage which is attractive to cattle and sheep

sweet gum US English

The North American liquidambar, which yields a balsam and decorative heartwood that is marketed as satin walnut

white gum US English

Chiefly Australian. Any of various Australian gum trees having whitish bark or wood.

wine gum US English

A small coloured fruit-flavoured sweet made with gelatin

British gum US English

A form of dextrin prepared by roasting starch.

cabbage gum US English

Any of several Australian gum trees with fleshy leaves; especially the snow gum, Eucalyptus pauciflora, and E. amplifolia, both native to eastern and south-eastern Australia.

chewing gum US English

Flavored gum for chewing, typically sold in packets of individually wrapped thin strips

gum arabic US English

A gum exuded by some kinds of acacia, used in the food industry, in glue, as the binder for watercolor paints, and in incense

mimosa gum US English

= gum arabic.

orange gum US English

An Australian tree, Angophora lanceolata (family Myrtaceae), allied to the eucalypts.

ribbon gum US English

Any of several eucalypts having bark that peels in strips; especially the manna gum, Eucalyptus viminalis.

ribbony-gum US English

= ribbon gum.

rubber gum US English

The sap or latex of rubber trees.

spirit gum US English

A quick-drying solution of gum, chiefly used by actors to attach false hair to their faces

xanthan gum US English

A substance produced by bacterial fermentation or synthetically and used in foods as a gelling agent and thickener. It is a polysaccharide composed of glucose, mannose, and glucuronic acid

cellulose gum US English

Any of various gums derived from cellulose, especially carboxymethylcellulose.

gum benjamin US English

Another term for benzoin111.

gum olibanum US English

Another term for frankincense.

mahogany gum US English

The jarrah, Eucalyptus marginata.

whitewash gum US English

Any of various gum trees with white bark, especially the ghost gum Corymbia papuana.

red gum tree US English

Any of several Australian eucalyptus trees that produce a red gum or have red heartwood; especially (also river red gum tree) E. camaldulensis.

Murray red gum US English

The river red gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, which is very plentiful along the Murray River.

plum tree gum US English

Gum collected from the plum tree, used chiefly medicinally (now historical); also in extended and figurative use, later with allusion to quot. 1604.

gum arabic tree US English

Any of various gum-yielding acacias; (in later use) especially Acacia senegal, a shrubby deciduous tree native chiefly to dry grassland and semi-desert habitats of northern Africa, which is the usual source of gum arabic.

river white gum US English

Any of several eucalypts having pale bark and growing near watercourses; especially Eucalytpus elata (formerly E. andreana) and E. radiata, both of south-western Australia.

gum something up in gum1 US English

Clog up a mechanism and prevent it from working properly

guar gum in guar US English

A fine powder obtained by grinding guar seeds, which has numerous commercial applications, especially in the food industry, where it is used as a thickener and a binder

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