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half US English

Either of two equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided

half US Thesaurus

a half grapefruit

not half US English

Not nearly

half-ass US English

Do (something) with little effort or care

half-ball US English

A stroke in which the centre of the cue ball is aimed at the edge of the object ball

half bath US English

A bathroom in a private home that contains a toilet and sink but no bathtub or shower

half-blue US English

A person who has represented Oxford or Cambridge University in a minor sport or as a second choice in any sport

half boot US English

A boot that reaches up to the calf

half-bred US English

(Of an animal) having one pure-bred parent

half-butt US English

A long billiard cue about 2.4 m (8 feet) in length

half-caf US English

Denoting a drink of coffee with regular and decaffeinated coffee mixed in equal parts, so as to make coffee with half the normal level of caffeine

half cock US English

The partly raised position of the cock of a gun

half deck US English

A deck reaching half the length of a ship or boat, fore or aft

half-done US English

Unfinished or only partially completed

half-door US English

A door of half the usual size, typically covering the bottom half of an opening (e.g., in a stable)

half hour US English

A period of thirty minutes

half-inch US English

A unit of length half as long as an inch

half-life US English

The time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value

half-mast US English

The position of a flag that is being flown some way below the top of its staff as a mark of respect for a person who has died

half-moon US English

The moon when only half of its illuminated surface is visible from the earth; the first or last quarter

half-move US English

A move made by one player (especially in the context of the analysis of play made by a chess-playing computer program)

half note US English

A note having the time value of two quarter notes or half of a whole note, represented by a ring with a stem

half pay US English

Half of a person’s normal or previous salary or wages

half-pie US English

Imperfect; mediocre

half pint US English

Half of a pint

half-size US English

Half of the typical size

half-slip US English

A petticoat that hangs from the waist

half step US English

A semitone

half-term US English

A short holiday about halfway through a school term

wing half US English

A half back positioned towards the right or left side of the field

better half US English

A person’s wife, husband, or partner

half-assed US English

Done with little effort or care; incompetent or inadequate

half-baked US English

(Of an idea or philosophy) not fully thought through; lacking a sound basis

half blood US English

The relationship between people having one parent in common

half board US English

Provision of bed, breakfast, and one main meal at a hotel or guest house

half-bottle US English

A bottle that is half the standard size

half-breed US English

A person whose parents are of different races, especially the offspring of an American Indian and a person of white European ancestry

half-caste US English

A person whose parents are of different races, in particular, with a European father and an Indian mother

half-cocked US English

(Of a gun) with the cock partly raised

half crown US English

A former British coin and monetary unit equal to two shillings and sixpence

half dollar US English

A US or Canadian coin worth fifty cents

half-dozen US English

A set or group of six

half-duplex US English

(Of a communications system or computer circuit) allowing the transmission of signals in both directions but not simultaneously

half gainer US English

A dive in which the diver leaves the diving board facing forward, does a half-somersault backward, and enters the water head first facing the board

half-grown US English

Not yet fully grown or mature

half-hardy US English

(Of a plant) able to grow outdoors at all times except in severe frost

half hitch US English

A knot formed by passing the end of a rope around its standing part and then through the loop, often used in pairs

half-hunter US English

A pocket watch with a hinged cover in the middle of which a small opening or window allows one to read the approximate time

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