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ham1 US English

Meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg salted and dried or smoked

ham2 US English

An excessively theatrical actor

Ham US English

(In the Bible) a son of Noah (Gen. 10:1), traditional ancestor of the Hamites

Ham in Hamitic US English

Of or denoting a hypothetical language family formerly proposed to comprise Berber, ancient Egyptian, the Cushitic languages, and the Chadic languages. These are now recognized as independent branches of the Afro-Asiatic family

Parma ham US English

A type of ham that is eaten uncooked

country ham US English

A ham that is dry-cured with salt before smoking

ham-fisted US English

Another term for ham-handed.

ham-handed US English

Clumsy; bungling

ham-handed US Thesaurus

his ham-handed treatment of the situation

Bradenham ham US English

A dark sweet-cured ham

Virginia ham US English

A smoke-cured ham from a hog fed on peanuts and corn

ham and eggs US English

A dish of fried ham served with eggs

Smithfield ham US English

A dry-cured ham produced near Smithfield, Virginia, from hogs that have fed on hickory nuts, acorns, and peanuts

ham-and-egger US English

An ordinary person of little consequence

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