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hawk1 US English

A diurnal bird of prey with broad rounded wings and a long tail, typically taking prey by surprise with a short chase

hawk2 US English

Carry around and offer (goods) for sale, typically advertising them by shouting

hawk3 US English

Clear the throat noisily

hawk4 US English

A plasterer’s square board with a handle underneath for carrying plaster or mortar

hawk US Thesaurus

hawking his wares on the street

blue hawk US English

Any of various birds of prey with bluish-grey plumage; specifically the sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus), the merlin (Falco columbarius), the peregrine (F. peregrinus), and the male hen harrier (Circus cyaneus). Now historical.

duck hawk US English

The peregrine falcon

fish hawk US English

Another term for osprey.

hawk-eyed US English

Having very good eyesight

hawk moth US English

A large swift-flying moth with a stout body and narrow forewings, typically feeding on nectar while hovering

hawk owl US English

A hawklike owl with a small head and long tail, and typically an obscure facial disk

meat hawk US English

= meat-bird.

moor hawk US English

= moor-buzzard.

moth hawk US English

The European nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus.

pine hawk US English

(In full pine hawkmoth) a large grey hawkmoth, Hyloicus pinastri, whose larvae feed on pine needles.

rook hawk US English

Falconry a hawk trained to fly at rooks.

hawk-eyed US Thesaurus

a hawk-eyed security guard intercepted him

Black Hawk US English

(1767–1838), American Indian leader, chief of the Sauk and Fox Indians; native name Makataimeshekiakiak. He fought to repossess Indian lands in the Black Hawk War 1832

hawk eagle US English

A small tropical eagle with broad wings and a long tail, and typically a crest

hawk-nosed US English

(Of a person) having a nose that is curved like a hawk’s beak

Kitty Hawk US English

A town on a narrow sand peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean coast of North Carolina. It was there that, in 1903, the Wright brothers made the first powered airplane flight

marsh hawk US English

Another term for northern harrier.

mouse hawk US English

A bird of prey that catches mice; especially †(a) the short-eared owl, Asio flammeus (obsolete); (b) US the hen harrier, Circus cyaneus; (c) US the rough-legged buzzard, Buteo lagopus (rare).

pigeon hawk US English

Another term for merlin.

poplar hawk US English

= poplar hawkmoth.

privet hawk US English

= privet hawkmoth.

quail hawk US English

The New Zealand falcon, Falco novaezelandiae.

rabbit-hawk US English

Any of several birds of prey that are thought to feed on rabbits; especially the red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, and the hen harrier, Circus cyaneus.

chicken hawk US English

A hawk of a type that is reputed to prey on domestic fowl

Cooper's hawk US English

A North American bird of prey resembling but smaller than the goshawk

harrier hawk US English

An African bird of prey with a bare yellow face, resembling a goshawk but flying like a harrier

Harris's hawk US English

A large chocolate-brown buteo with chestnut shoulder patches and a conspicuous white rump and tail band. Popular with falconers, it occurs in arid country from the southwestern US to South America and frequently nests in tall cacti

mosquito hawk US English

A nighthawk

mountain hawk US English

A hawk frequenting mountainous country; (Caribbean) the hook-billed kite, Chondrohierax uncinatus, of Central and South America and the West Indies.

nankeen hawk US English

= nankeen kestrel.

passage hawk US English

A hawk caught for training while on migration, especially as an immature bird of less than twelve months

prairie hawk US English

Any of various hawks found on the prairies.

sparrow hawk US English

A small Old World woodland hawk that preys on small birds

partridge hawk US English

Either of two birds of prey that hunt grouse, the gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus, and the northern goshawk, Accipiter gentilis.

red-tailed hawk US English

The most common and most widespread hawk of North and Central America, with a reddish tail

Swainson's hawk US English

A dark-colored, narrow-winged buteo of western North America

tarantula hawk US English

A large spider-hunting wasp of the southwestern US

ferruginous hawk US English

A large hawk, Buteo regalis, of inland grasslands and shrub steppes in North America, occurring in a pale colour morph (which has rusty brown upperparts) and a dark morph (which is chiefly dark brown).

red-shouldered hawk US English

A common North American hawk having reddish-brown shoulders and dark wings with white spots

rough-legged hawk US English

= rough-legged buzzard.

death's-head hawk moth US English

A large dark European hawk moth with a skull-like marking on the thorax and a very large caterpillar

hummingbird hawk moth US English

A migratory day-flying hawk moth that makes an audible hum while hovering in front of flowers to feed on nectar

privet hawk caterpillar US English

The large larva of the privet hawkmoth, which is green with oblique stripes and a tail horn.

hawk something up in hawk3 US English

Bring phlegm up from the throat

have eyes like a hawk US English

Miss nothing of what is going on around one

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