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head US English

The upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs

-head1 US English

Equivalent to -hood.

-head2 US English

Denoting the front, forward, or upper part or end of a specified thing

head for in head US English

An aptitude for or tolerance of

Head, Edith US English

(1907–81), US costume designer; born Edith Claire Posener. She designed wardrobe for more than 400 movies and won eight Academy Awards. Notable movies: All About Eve (1950), Sabrina (1954), and The Sting (1973)

ring in one's ears US English

Linger in the memory

head US Thesaurus

she scratched her head thoughtfully

head up US English

Steer toward the wind

head-on US English

With or involving the front of a vehicle

ox-head US English

The head of an ox, especially as an article of food; a representation of the head of an ox.

head-on US Thesaurus

a head-on collision

bed head US English

A casual hairstyle resulting from failure to comb or arrange the hair after sleep

cane head US English

The (usually ornamental) top or handle of a walking cane.

coke-head US English

An addict or habitual user of cocaine.

door head US English

The upper part of a door frame

hat head US English

= hat hair.

head-axe US English

An axe having a head consisting of a sharp metal blade combined with a backward-pointing spike, used by some headhunting tribes in the Philippines (now historical).

head bone US English

The skull; any of the individual bones of the skull.

head boom US English

A boom at the head of a ship; a jib boom or flying jib boom.

head boy US English

A senior male student who is chosen to represent his school

head-butt US English

An aggressive and forceful thrust with the top of the head, especially into the face or body of another person

head cap US English

A cap for the head.

head case US English

A mentally ill or unstable person

head cell US English

A rounded terminal cell at the end of a stalked structure (as a trichome, or the manubrium in the antheridium of a stonewort).

head coal US English

The uppermost portion of a thick seam of coal, especially when left unworked for the present.

head cold US English

A common cold characterized by congested nasal passages, sneezing, and headache

head cone US English

A conical appendage, present in two or three pairs, surrounding the mouth of some pteropod molluscs.

head dip US English

An act of dipping the head; (Surfing) a manoeuvre in which a crouching surfer dips his or her head into the face of a wave while riding it.

head drop US English

(More generally) drooping of the head towards the chest, especially as a result of dysfunction of the neck muscles; an instance of this.

head fake US English

A feinting manoeuvre performed with the head in order to deceive an opponent; also in extended use.

head-fake US English

And with object to (attempt to) deceive with a head fake; also in extended use.

head-felt US English

Felt in or proceeding from the brain or intellect; chiefly contrasted with heartfelt.

head-fish US English

(Originally US) an ocean sunfish (family Molidae), which has the appearance of consisting chiefly of a large head without a tail.

head fold US English

A fold under the cephalic end of the blastoderm in an early amniote embryo, from which the anterior part of the body develops.

head-foot US English

(In molluscs) the soft structure lying below or anterior to the visceral mass, consisting of the head merging into the protrusible foot (in a gastropod) or into the tentacles (in a cephalopod).

head form US English

Physical Anthropol. The form of the head, especially with reference to craniometric classification.

head game US English

A game, sport, etc., that exercises the mental faculties; compare mind game.

head girl US English

A senior female student who is chosen to represent her school

head-high US English

As high as a person's head; at head height.

head-hung US English

That hangs one's head, especially in shame or despondency; characterized by hanging the head in this way.

head job US English

An act of fellatio; = blow job.

head knee US English

Each of a number of pieces of bent timber fixed to a cutwater in order to steady it.

head-load US English

To carry (a load) on one's head; = head-carry.

head lobe US English

An appendage on the head of an animal, especially the embryo or larva of some invertebrates.

head net US English

A net worn over or placed around the head, especially for protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

head noun US English

The noun which other words in a noun phrase qualify; a noun which is a head.

head pump US English

A small pump at the front of a ship for drawing up seawater (now historical).

head race US English

The (typically artificial) channel that brings water to a mill wheel or turbine.

head rent US English

(Chiefly in Ireland) rent payable to a freeholder.

head-ring US English

Especially in traditional Zulu society: a large ring worn on top of the head as a mark of status by adult men, and traditionally made from fibre, resin, and beeswax, and woven into the hair.

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