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head US English

The upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs

-head1 US English

Equivalent to -hood.

-head2 US English

Denoting the front, forward, or upper part or end of a specified thing

head US Thesaurus

she scratched her head thoughtfully

head for in head US English

An aptitude for or tolerance of

Head, Edith US English

(1907–81), US costume designer; born Edith Claire Posener. She designed wardrobe for more than 400 movies and won eight Academy Awards. Notable movies: All About Eve (1950), Sabrina (1954), and The Sting (1973)

ring in one's ears US English

Linger in the memory

head up US English

Steer toward the wind

head-on US English

With or involving the front of a vehicle

head-on US Thesaurus

a head-on collision

bed head US English

A casual hairstyle resulting from failure to comb or arrange the hair after sleep

door head US English

The upper part of a door frame

head-butt US English

An aggressive and forceful thrust with the top of the head, especially into the face or body of another person

head case US English

A mentally ill or unstable person

head cold US English

A common cold characterized by congested nasal passages, sneezing, and headache

head sea US English

A mass of waves coming from directly in front of a ship

head shop US English

A store that sells drug-related paraphernalia

head tax US English

A uniform tax imposed on each person

head-trip US English

An intellectually stimulating experience

Nags Head US English

A resort town in eastern North Carolina, in the Outer Banks; population 3,016 (est. 2008)

seed head US English

A flower head in seed

head case US Thesaurus

it seems that every family has at least one head case

head to head US English

In open, direct conflict or competition

head-to-head US English

Involving two parties confronting each other

cloth head US English

A stupid person

death's head US English

A human skull as a symbol of mortality

dummy head US English

A model of a human head with a microphone in each ear, used in making binaural and other sound-recording techniques

Dunnet Head US English

A headland on the north coast of Scotland, between Thurso and John o’Groats. It is the most northerly point on the British mainland

flower head US English

A compact mass of flowers at the top of a stem, especially a capitulum

head count US English

An instance of counting the number of people present

head first US English

With the head in front of the rest of the body

head gasket US English

The gasket that fits between the cylinder head and the cylinders or cylinder block in an internal combustion engine

head louse US English

A louse that infests the scalp and hair of the human head and is especially common among schoolchildren

head voice US English

One of the high registers of the voice in speaking or singing, above chest voice

jerkin head US English

The end of a roof that is hipped for only part of its height, leaving a truncated gable

loose head US English

The forward in the front row of a scrummage who is nearest to the scrum half as the ball is put in

Malin Head US English

A point on the coast of County Donegal, the northernmost point of Ireland. The shipping forecast area Malin covers the Atlantic north of Ireland and west of the southern half of Scotland

poppet-head US English

The frame at the top of a mineshaft, supporting pulleys for the ropes used in hoisting

short head US English

A length less than that of a horse’s head (used in referring to the distance by which a horse wins or loses)

snake's head US English

A Eurasian fritillary with flowers chequered in red and purple, typically growing in damp hay meadows and water meadows

tight head US English

The prop forward supporting the hooker on the opposite side of the scrum from the loose head

Turk's head US English

An ornamental knot resembling a turban in shape, made in the end of a rope to form a stopper

valve head US English

The part of a vertically opening valve that is lifted off the valve aperture to open the valve

wooden-head US English

A stupid person

crowned head US English

A king or queen

cylinder head US English

The end cover of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine, against which the piston compresses the cylinder’s contents

Diamond Head US English

A volcanic crater that overlooks the port of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu

dragon's head US English

The ascending or north node of the moon’s orbit, used in drawing up an astrological chart

head teacher US English

The teacher in charge of a school

head-turning US English

Extremely noticeable or attractive

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