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herd US English

A large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals, that live, feed, or migrate together or are kept together as livestock

herd book US English

A book recording the pedigrees of cattle, goats, or other livestock

herd immunity US English

General immunity to a pathogen in a population based on the acquired immunity to it by a high proportion of members over time

herd instinct US English

An inclination in people or animals to behave or think like the majority

ride herd on US English

Keep watch over

ride herd on in ride US English

Keep watch over

cowherd US English

A person who tends grazing cattle

herdboy US English

A boy who looks after a herd of livestock

goatherd US English

A person who tends goats

swineherd US English

A person who tends pigs

herd US Thesaurus

a herd of cows

herd English-Spanish

manada feminine, vacada feminine, tropa feminineSouthern Cone/Cono Sur

the herd instinct in herd English-Spanish

el instinto gregario

to ride herd on sth/sb in herd English-Spanish

cuidar de algo/algn, vigilar algo/a algn

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