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high US English

Of great vertical extent

high US Thesaurus

a high mountain

on high US English

In or to heaven or a high place

high-up US English

A senior person in an organization

aim high US English

Be ambitious

fly high US English

Be very successful; prosper

ace high US English

(In card games) having the ace (or another specified card) as the highest-ranking

run high US English

(Of a river) be full and close to overflowing, with a strong current

high-band US English

Relating to or denoting an audio or video system using a relatively high carrier frequency, which allows more bandwidth for the signal

high beam US English

The brightest setting of a vehicle’s headlights

high-born US English

Having noble parents

high-cal US English

Short for high-calorie.

high-cost US English

Relatively expensive

high day US English

The day of a religious festival

high-end US English

Denoting the most expensive of a range of products

high-fat US English

Denoting or relating to food or a diet that is high or relatively high in fat, especially saturated fat

high five US English

A gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other’s open palm with their arms raised

high gear US English

A gear that causes a wheeled vehicle to move fast, owing to a high ratio between the speed of the wheels and that of the mechanism driving them

high hat US English

A tall hat, especially a top hat

high jump US English

An athletic event in which competitors jump over a bar that is raised until only one competitor can jump over it without dislodging it

high-key US English

Having a predominance of light or bright tones

high kick US English

A kick with the foot high in the air, for example in dancing or martial arts

high life US English

An extravagant social life as enjoyed by the wealthy

high-low US English

A lace-up boot with a low heel, reaching to the ankle, worn by military personnel in the 18th and early 19th centuries

High Mass US English

(In the Roman Catholic Church) formerly, a mass with full ceremonial, including music and incense and typically having the assistance of a deacon and subdeacon

high note US English

A successful point in an event or period of time

high-pass US English

(Of a filter) transmitting all frequencies above a certain value

high-rise US English

(Of a building) having many stories

high-risk US English

Involving or exposed to a high level of danger

high road US English

A main road

high seas US English

The open ocean, especially that not within any country’s jurisdiction

high sign US English

A surreptitious gesture, often prearranged, giving warning or indicating that all is well

high spot US English

The most enjoyable or significant part of an experience or period of time

high-tar US English

(Of cigarettes or tobacco) producing more tar than is standard or usual when smoked

high tea US English

A meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening, typically consisting of a cooked dish, bread and butter, and tea

high-tech US English

Employing, requiring, or involved in high technology

high-test US English

(Of gasoline) high-octane

high tide US English

The state of the tide when at its highest level

high-top US English

Denoting a sneaker with a laced upper that extends some distance above the wearer’s ankle

high-vis US English

Short for high-visibility.

high wine US English

A type of liquor containing a high percentage of alcohol

high wire US English

A high tightrope

knee-high US English

So high as to reach the knees

pin-high US English

(Of a ball) at the same distance from the tee as the hole, but off to one side

ride high US English

Be successful

sky-high US English

As if reaching the sky; very high

high-born US Thesaurus

her high-born father had given up his inheritance to marry a lowly seamstress

high-end US Thesaurus

high-end dining

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