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hole US English

A hollow place in a solid body or surface

hole US Thesaurus

a hole in the roof

f-hole US English

Either of a pair of sound holes resembling an ∫ and a reversed ∫ in shape, cut in the front of musical instruments of the violin family and some other stringed instruments such as semi-acoustic electric guitars and mandolins

hole up US English

Hide oneself

coal-hole US English

A compartment or small cellar used for storing coal

down-hole US English

(In the oil industry) used, occurring, or performed in a well or borehole

dry hole US English

A well drilled for oil or gas but yielding none

hole out US English

Send the ball into a hole

hole card US English

(In stud or other forms of poker) a card that has been dealt face down

hole saw US English

A tool for making circular holes, consisting of a metal cylinder with a toothed edge

lick hole US English

A salt lick, or a place where a block of salt is placed for stock to lick

pie hole US English

A person’s mouth

pop-hole US English

A hole in a fence or divider through which animals can pass, especially one allowing poultry access to the outside or allowing piglets access to the sow

rock hole US English

A natural depression in a rock in which rainwater collects

shot hole US English

A hole made by the passage of a shot

snow hole US English

A hole in snow used as a temporary shelter, typically one made for the purpose

top-hole US English

Excellent; first-rate

black hole US English

A region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape

finger hole US English

A hole in a wind instrument that may be covered or left open to change pitch when playing

glory hole US English

A small furnace used to keep glass malleable so that it can be worked

hidey-hole US English

A place for hiding something or oneself in, especially as a retreat from other people

hole punch US English

A device or tool for punching holes in paper or other thin materials

kettle hole US English

A hollow, typically filled by a lake, resulting from the melting of a mass of ice trapped in glacial deposits

memory hole US English

An imaginary place where inconvenient or unpleasant information is put and quickly forgotten

ozone hole US English

A region of marked thinning of the ozone layer in high latitudes, chiefly in winter, attributed to the chemical action of chlorofluorcarbons and other atmospheric pollutants. The resulting increase in ultraviolet light at ground level gives rise to an increased risk of skin cancer

pilot hole US English

A small hole drilled as a guide for the insertion of a nail or screw, or for the drilling of a larger hole

priest hole US English

A hiding place for a Roman Catholic priest during times of religious persecution

rabbit hole US English

A rabbit’s burrow

sound hole US English

An aperture in the belly of a stringed instrument

spider hole US English

A trench or indentation used by a spider for rest or ambush

white hole US English

A hypothetical celestial object that expands outward from a space-time singularity and emits energy, in the manner of a time-reversed black hole

wombat hole US English

A burrow made by a wombat

Woods Hole US English

A village in Falmouth in southeastern Massachusetts, at the southwest corner of Cape Cod, a resort and noted ocean research center

doughnut hole US English

A small ball-shaped doughnut

Jackson Hole US English

A valley on the Snake River in northwestern Wyoming, partly in Grand Teton National Park, home to a fashionable resort

swimming hole US English

A deep place for swimming in a stream or river

through-hole US English

(Of an electronic component) having leads which are designed to go through holes to the other side of a circuit board for soldering

watering hole US English

A waterhole from which animals regularly drink

hole in one US English

A shot that enters the hole from the tee with no intervening shots

nineteenth hole US English

The bar in a golf clubhouse, as reached after a standard round of eighteen holes

blow a hole in US English

Ruin the effectiveness of (something)

make a hole in US English

Use a large amount of

hole-and-corner US English

Attempting to avoid public notice; secret

hole in the wall US English

A small dingy place, especially a bar or restaurant

toad-in-the-hole US English

A dish consisting of sausages baked in batter

hole in the heart US English

A congenital defect in the heart septum, resulting in inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood (a cause of blue baby syndrome)

Schwarzschild black hole US English

A black hole of a kind supposed to result from the complete gravitational collapse of an electrically neutral and nonrotating body, having a physical singularity at the center to which infalling matter inevitably proceeds and at which the curvature of space-time is infinite. A Schwarzschild radius is the radius of the boundary of a hole of this type

Black Hole of Calcutta US English

A dungeon 20 feet (6 m) square in Fort William, Calcutta (now Kolkata), where perhaps as many as 146 English prisoners were confined overnight following the capture of Calcutta by the nawab of Bengal, in 1756. Only twenty-three of them were still alive the next morning

dig oneself into a hole US English

Get oneself into an awkward or restrictive situation

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