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home US English

The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household

home US Thesaurus

they fled their homes

at-home US English

An informal party in a person’s home

at home US English

In one’s own house

home ec US English

Short for home economics.

in-home US English

(Of a service or activity) provided or taking place within a person’s home

care home US English

A small institution providing accommodation and care for people who are unable to look after themselves

down-home US English

Connected with an unpretentious way of life, especially that of rural peoples or areas

come home US English

Play the second nine holes in a round of eighteen holes

hit home US English

(Of a blow or a missile) reach an intended target

home free US English

Having successfully achieved or being within sight of achieving one’s objective

home base US English

A place from which operations or activities are carried out; headquarters

home beat US English

Hunting a huntsman's local beat.

home-born US English

Born or produced in one's own home, household, or country; native, indigenous; home-grown.

home-bred US English

Bred or raised at home

home brew US English

Beer or other alcoholic drink brewed at home

home care US English

(In plural) domestic cares or worries.

home-cook US English

To cook (food) at home.

home farm US English

A farm on an estate that is set aside to provide produce for the owner of the estate

home-fed US English

(Of an animal or its meat) fed or fattened at home; local; not imported from abroad.

home-felt US English

Felt intimately or strongly; heartfelt.

home fire US English

A fire burning in the hearth of a home. Frequently figurative and in figurative contexts, with allusion to the home or to family life in general.

home-goer US English

A person who is on his or her way home; a person who returns to his or her home or home country.

home help US English

A person employed, especially by a local authority, to help in another’s home

home key US English

The basic key in which a work is written; the tonic key

home life US English

A person’s family, personal relationships, and domestic interests considered as a whole

home loan US English

A loan advanced to a person to assist in buying a house or condominium

home lot US English

In early use: a plot of land assigned to a particular owner for the purpose of building a house or farm on; = homestead. Later more generally: a plot of land suitable for building a house on; a building plot.

home name US English

A name such as one would use at home; a pet name, a nickname.

home news US English

News from home.

home page US English

The introductory page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for the site

home perm US English

A perm produced by equipment designed for use in the home, rather than at a hairdressers.

home-perm US English

To perm (a person's hair) using equipment designed for use in the home.

home port US English

The port from which a ship originates or in which it is registered

home row US English

The middle row of keys on a typewriter or computer keyboard, on which the starting positions for the fingers in touch-typing are located.

home rule US English

The government of a colony, dependent country, or region by its own citizens

home run US English

A fair hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases without stopping and score a run

home side US English

A sports team that is playing at its own ground

home tie US English

An emotional bond or association with one's home (usually in plural).

home time US English

The time at which school or work finishes and one goes home

home turf US English

= home ground.

home unit US English

A flat, especially one occupied by the owner, that is one of several in a large building

home wear US English

Clothing worn in the home, typically of an informal, simple, or comfortable sort; the action or fact of wearing such clothing.

home wind US English

A wind blowing towards one's home or country.

home zone US English

A residential area in which a variety of traffic-calming measures are employed to create a safer environment for pedestrians.

old home US English

= old country.

park home US English

A prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home, located with others in a dedicated area of ground

rest home US English

A residential institution where old or frail people are cared for

broken home US English

A family in which the parents are divorced or separated

canal home US English

A house in a development built along the edge of a canal

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